Why Outsource R&D (Research and Development) for IoT Projects?

by | Published on Mar 8, 2019 | Outsourcing Services

Today, every organization deals with huge volumes of information and this makes it very important to manage these data sets efficiently. In order to gain a competitive advantage, business organizations hire outsourced solutions to digitize their data as well as for other business processes. This helps them focus more on key functions and also reduce operational costs. Outsourcing requirements may be diverse and these depend on the individual organization. Research and development (R&D) for IoT projects is one such process that can be successfully outsourced.

Research and Development

Data is an integral part of the research and development process. It forms the basis of research findings. R&D is an essential part for innovation via IoT projects. R&D requires great data engineering expertise and it aims at achieving the company’s key objectives. Businesses should prioritize R&D in order to stay ahead of competitors by making improvements in operational processes, products and services, and customer service strategies. It drives competitiveness and economic performances and is also responsible for goods and services in the future.

As R&D requires expertise and specific set of tools, outsourcing R&D is a good option. What are the major advantages of outsourcing R&D?

  • Access to special skills and innovations: Contrary to the common belief, companies do not outsource R&D thinking that it is cheap. The real reason behind outsourcing R&D is access to outstanding expertise. Outsourcing combines outsourced engineers and marketing specialists and the marketing team collects and combines the data and decides what customers want or what the market needs. In the case of IoT outsourcing, companies have access to equipment and experts. Outsourcing allows you to be more creative and also provides valuable business opportunities.
  • Cost saving: Maintaining an R&D lab is highly expensive because it would involve many overhead expenses like administrative cost, equipment cost, personnel cost etc. But outsourcing will help you in mitigating these expenses, and moreover, you need not spend more time and money on training an in-house R&D team. There are many companies that offer R&D services and they experiment with IoT solutions, robotics, chatbots, deep learning, smart office infrastructure and more to create solutions, POCs, and MVPs.
  • Better control and less risk: Developing IoT in-house is difficult and risky if you don’t have that much expertise whereas outsourcing to professionals ensures that there is no or very less risk and better management. These R&D engineers will know how new IoT devices or features perform, and whether they can meet your business purposes and needs.
  • IoT project can market faster: The world of technology is fast-paced and so make sure that you display your ideas before someone else does. But make sure that you do not hurry into IoT development and take a wrong decision. Before introducing a product, save some time for testing ideas using Proof of Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) methods. Outsourcing helps you build a POC to determine whether your IoT solution is what customers want. This helps you with analysis and you can reject what you don’t want without wasting time and money.

IoT is the inter-networking of “smart” devices embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity, and it can collect and exchange data. This network opens up an endless possibility of opportunities for technological innovation for scientists and engineers in numerous areas of R&D and technology.

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