Why Data Cleansing Services are Indispensable for Clean Data

by | Published on Nov 28, 2016 | Data Entry Services

Data Cleansing ServicesAll kinds of organizations recognize the importance of efficient data cleansing services. As long as there is data compiling and storage, you could come across the need for data cleansing or correcting inaccurate data entry and classification. The risk of errors is always present, which is why cleansing or scrubbing of the data is so important.

Efficiency Essential for Data Cleansing

Efficient software is essential for successful data cleansing, especially when there is quite a lot of clearing up to do. And cleansing requires detailed review of the data sets and associated protocols of the data storage technology employed for originally storing the data. That’s where advanced software and outsourced data cleansing and storage services come in. Outsourcing to efficient providers ensures that businesses and organizations have professionals scrubbing their important and sensitive data. Large scale cleansing of data could consume a good deal of time and resources. Outsourced data cleansing services could help organizations to save on staff time and effort, and other resources.

What’s Involved

The first step involves planning and monitoring of the data to be cleansed. Data cleansing and data purging are somewhat similar processes. While purging involves deleting old, unnecessary data from the data set, cleansing includes deleting data that is duplicated, incomplete or old. However the goal of cleansing is to improve the accuracy of the information in the system rather than removing data that is no longer needed to accommodate new data, which is what purging is all about.

Data cleansing would involve methods such as parsing for doing away with errors of syntax or typography. Record fragments can also be eliminated. Careful analysis can reveal what led to the error in the first place and cleansing can be done to identify this and set it right. This is particularly relevant in data duplication.

Once you’ve identified the data to be cleansed and the pattern in which the cleansing needs to occur, you will need to implement automation where the new data that flows into your system is cleansed and standardized. Creating workflows could help here. Exceptions to these rules need to be cleansed manually, but having a list of standards can make the cleaning process easier overall.

How a Data Cleansing Company Can Help

Experienced data cleansing companies would ensure that clients have:

  • Relevant and accurate records
  • Better information sharing through departments
  • Accurate contact details that ensure improved response rates
  • Maintenance of industry standard database file formats

Following the right steps to do this ensures efficiency and prevents inadvertent errors in the cleansing process.

Outsourcing ensures efficiency of the cleansing process through the maintenance of these standards. Data cleansing companies employ state-of-the-art techniques to improve the data integrity of their clients. They can handle:

  • Contact information and address correction
  • Upper/lower case names conversion
  • Format conversions
  • Duplication removal
  • Currency conversions
  • Data set merging

With efficiently outsourced data cleansing services, businesses and organizations can ensure their data integrity requirements are fully met.

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