Why Automated Data Capture Solutions Are Essential for Healthcare Providers

by | Published on Jun 18, 2019 | Data Entry Services

Automated data capture software will help capture data present in forms such as invoices and transform them into electronic format. Implementing an automated data capture solution helps reduce the data input phase from days to minutes and save costs. Automated data capture software solutions based on optical character recognition technology are highly accurate, sometimes even more accurate than a manual data entry process.

Healthcare professionals should consider utilizing automated data capture software. This will help enhance and modernize the patient experience. Documents that are digitally analyzed, stored and filed can help accelerate financial and clinical processes. Other benefits of using automated data capture (ADC) are that it helps the healthcare industry stay affordable and optimized. With advanced technology including optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical mark reading (OMR), a professional data entry service provider can capture data from files in any type of electronic or paper format and convert them into your required format.
Why Automated Data Capture Solutions Are Essential for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can enjoy the following benefits by utilizing automated data capture solutions.

  • Improved accuracy and compliance – Automated solutions allow healthcare units to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and prevent data breaches. This also helps avoid penalties and payment delays. Automated data capture software also provides excellent data security and privacy for highly sensitive information.
  • Increased cost efficiency – Automation helps reduce resources wasted in the healthcare sector. ADC can reduce the costs for waste disposal, by reducing paper waste and providing safer data storage. In fact, traditional paper forms may lead to incomplete information or data in incompatible or illegible formats. One of the best things about ADC technologies is that they scale automatically.
  • Connected and multi-channel processing – Various forms of data are available in the medical environment. These include patient identification data, medical history records, codes of drugs, medical imaging data, lab test results etc. These data need to be carefully stored and interconnected with all the different pieces of the puzzle to describe the condition of a patient. Automated software classifies each data entry and stores it in the most accessible way. It also includes an indexing module which makes searching for particular data more convenient. Data capture technology allows healthcare providers to get the benefit of doing this in real time, without affecting the quality of interaction between the patient and the medical staff.
  • Improved bedside care – A large amount of patient data is collected right at the bedside, usually by a nurse or a doctor through an observation sheet. As very little time is spent at the patient’s bedside, healthcare providers should make the most of it, both from professional and human touch perspectives. Automated data capture software can free up more time to give medical advice and evaluate the recovery progress of a patient. These solutions utilize natural language processing to enter the right notes in the proper form fields.  These solutions can be embedded easily on a clinic’s existing technologies, such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Knowledge library – Capturing and indexing data digitally has immediate use in medical treatment. After proper data anonymization to protect the privacy of patients, relevant, clean and well-tagged data entries can be used for clinical studies to train algorithms and study disease dynamics. This in turn offers an invaluable library of knowledge about disease management and development. This can even save lives and help future doctors understand the relationships between different conditions or the efficiency of treatment choices.

Healthcare data is very important to ensure proper care and follow-up for patients. A professional data entry company can assist with all data entry needs in a timely manner. Data entry firms with long-term standing in the field will have advanced data capture solutions to speed up processes and improve efficiency for healthcare systems.

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