What Should You Document at Work and Why

by | Published on Feb 19, 2018 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

What to Document at Work and Why You Need to Do SoWhatever profession you may be in, documenting each and every relevant detail is important because accurate documentation is the best proof or evidence you can produce when required. Make sure that you do not throw away anything you have recorded on paper, and the best way to protect your paper assets is to digitize them using document scanning services. Timely documentation will help you prove you were at a certain place; or you did a certain work; or you are who you claim to be. It will also help protect yourself at all times in case something happens that you feel is wrong. Make sure that you don’t delete emails and other important documents. Ensure that you send follow-ups after official meetings and keep copies of each and every communication.

So let us look at the various things you need to document.

  • Document your experience: If you are doing any work then make sure that your name is credited in the entry form. This acts as proof for all the work that you have done for the organization. Ensure that your colleagues and former superiors give paper copies of references of the work you have done in the organization.
  • Document your identity: All your identity proofs such as birth certificate, social security number, credit report, school transcripts, and all previous addresses should be carefully maintained. If any background checks are made, everything should be in order. In case you have changed your name, keep that document always.
  • Keep all documents related to compensation: If you are in a job where there is a commission, and targets and goals are likely to be changed, make sure that any conversation related to compensation is documented. Verbal conversations must be followed up with an email.
  • Document any conflict with employees: Send an email to HR citing the conflict so that they become aware of such an issue. Make it factual and do not lie in any way.
  • Maintain performance reviews: Make sure that your boss provides you with a formal performance review. Ensure that anything agreed to in that review is noted on the document. This is useful when you go for a wage increase, or if the company tries to give you a pay cut.
  • Document your suspicions: In case you suspect anything or anyone, make sure to take notes or screenshots because it better to be cautious. Document the incident by date, time, year and also write a small description of what you have noticed. Take more notes if you notice more suspicious acts or events. Also make sure that your calendar, emails, social accounts and all important notes are safeguarded against potential hacks. Keep multiple copies of your documents, so that in case any data is missing, it can be replaced by its copy.
  • Maintain notes of your time off: Make sure that you request time off via email or a form, or something written, not verbal.
  • Document anything that can be considered hostile: A hostile working environment can prove quite damaging. Document everything, and send the details to HR and the upper management. If you have documented everything, you stand a better chance of getting unemployment benefits in case you are forced to leave the job on your own.

The above mentioned guidelines can help individuals maintain their important documents and stay protected. When it comes to a large business, document scanning solutions are the best alternative to convert large-volume paper documents into digital form, and organizations make use of these services to make electronic versions of all their important documents. Today, with advanced technology there are many options like encryption, biometrics, cloud storage and digital signature. Digital signatures can provide the added assurance of genuine evidence to the origin, identity, and status of an electronic document.

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