What Should You Consider When Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency

by | Published on Jul 4, 2018 | Back Office Outsourcing

Growth and expansion of the business is the main objective of every business owner. However, as the business grows, the support of an experienced team is important in various areas of the business to manage the increasing volumes of work. This is when back office outsourcing becomes useful. Entrepreneurs see outsourcing as a strategy for large businesses to improve productivity and efficiency but with advanced technology outsourcing is accessible for small businesses too. Outsourcing provides more flexibility, and minimizes costs, severance, taxes and full-time salary. A company can outsource various activities such as accounting, human resources, marketing etc. Here we are looking at digital marketing requirements of a company.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you are outsourcing business marketing to a service provider, consider the following points suggested by expert Forbes Agency Council members.

  • Identify whether your staff has the required skills to meet your needs: Understand what marketing techniques your team lacks and the skills that the company needs. For example, if you are interested in social media then you can hire a service provider that can manage social media marketing efficiently.
  • Find out whether you can learn something about hiring talent in the future from outsourcing: Hiring can be very challenging, especially when you are not sure about what exactly you are looking for in a prospective employee. It is better to outsource first so that you can learn what the team can do for you. Based on that experience you can start putting together an in-house team by selecting the right person for the right job.
  • Are you willing to invest in continuous learning and development? If you are planning for an in-house digital marketing team, they will have to be kept educated and updated in their respective specialties. If you are willing to invest in staff training, you can go for an in-house team. Otherwise, outsourcing is the better option.
  • Can you hire and maintain in-house talent? Some large companies have an in-house team for digital marketing managed and controlled by dedicated personnel who are a part of the company. But not all companies can afford an in-house team because it requires additional resources, highly qualified professionals and experts to complete the work. In that case, outsourcing will prove advantageous and a more affordable alternative.
  • Find out your main objectives: The first and foremost requirement is to identify your business goals and your goals determine your path. Each business has different objectives; some may choose to focus on local market, some on lead generation, some to completely rebrand and scale the products and services. Depending on your specific goals you can outsource to the right talent.
  • Do you trust your service provider? Choosing the right service provider, trusting them and being able to rely on them is very important. Make sure that you choose the right team comprising experts in digital marketing, with excellent experience in the field, and who can ensure success. Choosing a team that lacks strategy and fail to execute will lead to a poor outcome.
  • How fast can outsourcing help you achieve your short-term objectives? It is observed that outsourcing sometimes gives you the power required to excel in digital marketing. External help from a good service provider will enable you to focus on your business and achieve your short-term business goals. This does not mean that you have to outsource forever. When outsourcing, you can ensure that things get done in a timely manner without rush or tension.
  • Will your in-house team be consistent and authentic? The in-house digital marketing team has to be authentic and consistent because if your team gets busy with other tasks and abandons digital marketing, it can cause huge losses to the firm. So make a decision based on your limitation and potential agency.
  • Are you getting value for the cost? Whether you are hiring or outsourcing, make sure that you calculate the cost of each employee. Outsourcing is a more affordable option because it provides an entire team of professionals who can provide quality service at affordable rates.
  • Is your staff’s time well spent?If you have an in-house team, find out whether your employees have the marketing skill to achieve the business goals and whether their time is well spent on various aspects of marketing. If your answers are “no,” then it is better to outsource to a professional third-party service.

Outsourcing has been proven to provide more flexibility and improve productivity while reducing operating costs. To keep up in today’s highly competitive business environment, businesses depend on back office outsourcing to overcome challenges such as lack of expert knowledge and skill, rising operating costs and low scalability.

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