2020, the year of the pandemic, could also be remembered as the year that heralded the paperless revolution. That’s why you have experienced back office outsourcing companies providing you with various digitization services, helping organizations go paperless.

With remote working and virtual communication being the norm as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns and the fear of going out among people, businesses that were reluctant to totally digitize themselves have decided to shake off all inhibitions and go fully paperless. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the need to function efficiently without losing customers and earnings has forced businesses to resort to any technology they can to keep running flawlessly.

Digitization Offers You a Lot of Savings

The initial investment you need for digitization is easily compensated for in the efficiency and streamlined functioning it offers. The greater your business volume is, the more you need to spend on stationery. You also need to spend resources for housing employees and building up your workplace. That can be avoided with totally remote workplaces.

  • It also helps you save a great deal of money which would otherwise have been spent in buying office supplies such as paper, ink, printers, etc.
  • Digitization helps in maintaining remote working, which is critical in this era of the pandemic.
  • Paperless functioning saves your organization the resources to physically store paper files and documents.

To sum it all up, in day-to-day running of the business, you get to save a lot. Those saved resources can help improve your bottom-line.

Your business doesn’t just save on costs, but also time. The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced employees to stay at home, but with remote working and video conferencing, they can save time in traveling from home to office. They can get started earlier and also work flexibly in emergency situations.

Aspects of Digitization

There are many aspects of digitization you need to remember. Let’s go through them:


Communication is the most important aspect of any business. Communication between the various teams can be handled through secured chat messages via a chat service or a specially developed in-house chat system. Meetings can be held through a video conferencing platform. An efficient digitization outsourcing provider can help set up the infrastructure needed for this.

Document Management System

Businesses all deal with data. They therefore need an efficient document management system (DMS) for organizing and managing documents. The advantage of efficient DMS software is that it stores all the data on a server that’s centralized. This ensures efficient and secure storage while also providing easy access to the documents. Beyond that, the system offers conversion of records to different digital formats. It offers keyword search tools for finding documents. You can also index files based on customized specifications, while also sharing and editing files quickly.

Cloud Storage

The other area of digitization is in cloud storage. What differentiates the cloud from a DMS system is the fact that files stored in the cloud are in an external server. The cloud is managed by a service provider that offers subscription-based pricing. The service provider also offers basic services such as editing and file search.

Easy Access of Files and High-Tech Security

Whatever be the type of digitized solution you select, you get to experience many advantages. Digital files can be accessed anytime by authorized employees from any remote location. The files can be sent digitally to any department and accessed during video conferencing or official chats. Security measures such as password protection can also be put in place to ensure that unauthorized personnel don’t access the data. Encryption technology is also used in document management systems so that third parties don’t access the files and cause security hazards for your organization.

Document management software provides quite advanced security features such as document level permissions, user level setting, granular access rights, etc. In fact, security can be enhanced with digital documents more than with physical documents.

Overall, digitization can be customized according to the requirements of the organization by an efficient outsourcing provider. Advanced document conversion services can be quite helpful here in converting various physical documents into the right digital format.