Stay Away from These Five Mistakes in Your Digital Transformation Project

by | Published on Apr 29, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

In this competitive world, large businesses take the lead by digitizing documents to enhance productivity, improve response times, monitor process status, and optimize workflows whereas some small businesses continue to stack files and sort paper which could hamper productivity in the long run. Digitization provides great opportunity for businesses to grow and stand out among the competitors. Data conversion services support businesses in their digital transformation journey, converting all documents and paper-based assets into digital format.

Acceleration in the Adoption of Digital Transformation During the Pandemic

Even though digital transformation has been a popular concept in every industry with many companies embracing it over the past years, there are still some organizations that remain hesitant. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sudden surge in the adoption of digital transformation with a view to migrate their business operations and workforce to a virtual environment. This is necessary for businesses to adapt to the new normal with new strategies to recover from the current crisis.

Digital transformation has enabled businesses to introduce new technology like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence etc into their working system. This allows businesses to improve their efficiency and perform the operations faster. It also offers businesses tremendous opportunities to innovate and find their way to the front of their industry.

Earlier in 2019, Allbirds, a sustainable footwear brand, launched their store on Alibaba’s B2C e-commerce platform. They also operated with a new retail approach that let them blend together online and offline sales effortlessly. After the breakout of COVID-19, the offline sales were disrupted but they quickly switched staffs from their brick-and-mortar stores to fulfil online orders. This sudden change from offline-to-online was possible because the brand’s e-commerce and physical stores had unified inventory and logistics operations. As a result, the brand never faced any interruption in meeting consumer demand. The technical and operational capabilities in Allbirds helped them serve their customers online during these difficult times. They also used this opportunity to innovate with new digital tools like Tmall shopper to connect with store associates to also display the products so that consumers can make their choice comfortably from their homes.

So, businesses realize the power and potential of digital adoption when it comes to business innovation, adopting technology. It is not only cost-effective but also helps gain an edge over competitors and seize new opportunities in the industry.

For businesses considering digital transformation, here are some common mistakes to avoid to have a seamless digitization journey.

  • No Strong Executive Participation: Digital transformation is a long process and everyone in the organization should understand the digital transformation project. But if the higher executives of an organization don’t have a clear understanding of this project then, it can lead to project delays and additional expenses than can have a negative impact. Active participation of the executives in the project helps the business to successfully undergo the transformation process.
  • Being Highly Ambitious of the Project: Businesses embrace the digital transformation project with the aim of improving their business and they keep high expectations in the transformation project, right from the beginning. But having a minimal feasible product for the initial launch with a strategic roadmap of sprints is the best way to avoid constant rounds of leadership approval or worse, project cancellation. When a new system and new ideas are introduced, evaluate it throughout your project to make the transformation process easy and useful.
  • Sticking on to Traditional Methods: Shifting from traditional methods of operations to new tools and new business processes is always difficult. But the organization’s team should be willing to embrace the change for the success of the digital initiative. The team must be trained to work with the new tools. But sometimes, the team tends to stick on to the traditional method of operations and believe it to be successful for the organization. It is important for the team to shift to the new digital tools for the successful growth of the company.
  • Choosing Vendors Instead of Partners: Technology should never be a constraint for the business especially if they are introducing new imperatives. Businesses can resort to the support of third parties as they grow. The right tools from the third party helps in business growth. But if you are not getting the right support from your third party, then you are likely working with vendors and not partners. Your team can never have the same level of insight into a tool as the people who built it. So, include your partners also in the transformation journey.
  • Hiring for Skills and not Strategy: Hiring the right people with the right skills makes the transformation process successful. Find people who can lead the transformation process and face the challenges. This will help stay afloat in a highly demanding market.

Take your business to the next level with digital optimization assisted by professionals from reliable document scanning services. Streamline workflow, increase security, and enhance productivity while meeting unique customer requirements.

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