Risks to Your Business While Scanning Documents to Email

by | Published on Jan 24, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Scanning Documents to EmailHaving a paperless office need not be a distant dream for any business that utilizes document scanning services. New advancements and changing technology have given the tools that are required for a transition from overflowing cabinets into an organized digital file system. It helps to get rid of paper-based filing system with cabinets, shelves, storage facilities filled with documents, folders, and stacks of papers and go completely paperless. While digitization brings many benefits and conveniences, it carries certain risks as well. Therefore it is important to know how the digitized documents are stored.

If your employees scan documents directly to email it can be a security risk and breach of privacy requirement. Scanning documents directly to email eliminates the use computer as mediator. It sounds easy, but is prone to data breaches and other security risks. This is because it does not have encryption facility. This can be dangerous if the employees are transmitting business specific information. However, this problem can be resolved by scanning to network folders and then emailing documents from an email client. This assures more security and options to encrypt email contents.

A great option is to utilize the advanced technology that is available with document workflow systems. You can implement a workflow and customize it for particular tasks. This will reduce the complexity of document scanning and also rules out the need for emailing. The following are benefits of using document workflow systems :

  • Using passwords, end-to-end encryption and PDF security will ensure security requirements.
  • Custom workflow can be setup with one click scan; it reduces errors, automates business processes and saves time.
  • The documents scanned can be easily tracked back to users, department and location. This becomes useful at the time of trend analysis.
  • It enables quick retrieval and storage of critical business data.
  • It also has an option to set predefined workflow systems that can send the documents to cloud or on premise including Microsoft SharePoint, file servers and Dropbox.

The decision to go paperless varies from business to business. The vast benefits of improved operations and reduced cost greatly outweigh the challenges of initial investment. A reliable document scanning company can help you in your conversion project, transforming all your documents into digital format cost-effectively. With a professional service provider, you get to work with trained and experienced scanning staff who can manage large volumes of files.

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