q Quick Tips to Implement Long-term Work from Home Policy

Quick Tips for Organizations to Implement Long-term Work from Home Policy

by | Published on Feb 2, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Schools, shops, and businesses were all forced to shut down with the spread of the pandemic. Quarantines, curfews and lockdowns have been implemented to ensure personal isolation from the outside world. This is when many organizations announced work from home policy to continue running the business. Work-from-home policy can be a smooth process only if the organization is digitized and the remote employees have good technology support and requirement. Digitized critical records of an organization can be easily shared through secured channels and it allows all the employees to easily co- ordinate their work and ensure a seamless workflow despite being at different locations. It has been almost a year since the pandemic began and it is high time for all organizations to implement an effective digitization strategy. Associating with a reliable data conversion company to convert your organization’s records into digital format is an absolute necessity today.

Although having all your important records digitized and the right technology support is essential, it is not enough to have a long-term remote work setup. So, here are some important tips that businesses can keep in mind to have an effective remote labor strategy and work from home policy:

  • Develop a Remote Company Culture and Communication Methods: To keep your employees connected while working from home is very challenging. Therefore, it is important to have a good remote work culture in your organization. Set up regular meetings, leverage communication tools like Zoom etc that help to stay connected to ensure a smooth functioning in the organization and proper communication between the employees. According to a survey by Econsultancy, 67 percent of North Americans marketers found that not working in a shared office reduced creative collaboration. So, encourage your HR team to come up with ideas to create a regular cohesion in your remote office.
  • Focus on Customer Services More: Maintaining a good customer relationship during these uncertain times is essential to retain customers. So, provide good customer service to your existing customers. Consider this time as an opportunity to show your customers how important they are to you. According to a Genesys study, 9 out of 10 customers value a business if they know their account history and current activities. So, make sure to digitize all your customer purchase history and other crucial details and upload it to a cloud software so that it can be accessed whenever required.
  • Make your Files Accessible from Anywhere: Digitizing all important records allows organizations to share any data with their employees quickly. This digitized data can be uploaded on any cloud storage system.
  • Motivate your Employees to be more Productive: Work from home is not easy, it can distract anyone quickly. To make it easier for your employees, use work automation software that allows you to automate employees’ manual tasks. This provides more time for them to focus on the tasks more closely linked to helping your business grow.
  • Set up an Automated Flow of Information: Digital transformation helps companies to have business continuity strategy. Remember that you do not have a centralized office, so find ways to get relevant information into your organization. You can begin your digital transformation process with digitizing mailroom.
  • Increase Online Sales: Due to the withdrawal of trade shows, conferences and other business events, businesses are looking for other alternatives to continues sales digitally. Many businesses are now using various videos conferencing platforms like Remo, Zoom etc where you can set up digital rooms. Conducting a meeting for the whole day can be boring, so make sure to break down the events into smaller sections to ensure better engagement among the remote employees. Deloitte suggests using on-camera meetings to build trust as you build your relationship with a potential lead and making sure to not waste the first 15 minutes on your call by sending easy installation guidelines for whatever tech you might be using.

Twitter Adopting Remote Working

Twitter is one ne of the largest tech companies in the world and they also went remote and eased the transition for employees. Rather than buying equipment for employees, however, Twitter decided to let them handle the setup process themselves. So, Twitter reimbursed employees for the costs they incurred during the home office setup. The cashback policy covers everything from desks, ergonomic chairs, printers, and other home office equipment that their employees may need. Twitter is a good example of how to make a remote transition as easy as possible for employees.

Organizing and managing remote employees is a challenge. However, if you have digitized records of your business activities, it becomes easier to coordinate work between the employees. Make sure to reach out to a reliable data conversion company that would convert your data into digital formats as required.

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