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by | Published on Jan 8, 2019 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Document scanning and conversion is an effective solution that a document scanning company provides for preserving important business documents. This is the initial step in the digitization process. Most organizations are on the path of digitization now to ensure an environment-friendly, paper-free office, save money, boost productivity, reduce storage space, and share information quickly among team members. Digitization has enabled businesses to perform better and it has changed how businesses operate using modern technology. This transformation has also revolutionized customer service.

Document Scanning

Businesses generate huge volumes of data everyday and proper handling of the ever growing data is important. The ideal way to manage data is by document archiving and digitizing all the data using modern technology.

Government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations etc are paper oriented and have heaps of paper records. Paper records are vulnerable to natural catastrophes such as flood and fire. Archiving important documents is necessary to minimize the risk of losing data. Digitization of important data provides greater control over management information, improves operational efficiency, ensures better employee productivity, and enhances data security.

Here are some major benefits offered by document scanning and digitization.

  • Saves storage space as digital files require very less space. This will also eliminate the need for buying file cabinets.
  • Digital documents are error-free
  • Digitized files can be copied to various devices, emailed and shared faster
  • Easy and quick retrieval of digitized files
  • Digitized files have versatile storage capabilities that can store any amount of text and images.

According to IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation, the following are some of the facts that can help you gain a better understanding about how organizations are growing to a digital business model that is changing the organizational structure and providing innovative and unique customer experience.

  • 95 percent of startups have digital business plans compared to 87 percent of traditional enterprises founded 50 years ago or later.
  • 62 percent say delivering excellent customer experience as measured by customer satisfaction scores defines success as a digital-first business.
  • 49 percent of IT executives say that the Internet of Things plays a crucial role in digital business strategies.
  • 55 percent of startups have already adopted digital services compared to 38 percent of traditional enterprises.
  • Startups are able to increase revenue by 34 percent with digitization and other enterprises can increase revenue by 23 percent.
  • The top five technologies implemented are big data analytics (58 percent), mobile technologies (59 percent), private cloud (53 percent), public cloud (45 percent) and APIs and embedded technologies (40 percent).

The above findings underscore the importance of digitization to stay profitable and competitive in the changing business world.

To carry out document scanning, many businesses use a multifunction printer (MFP), i.e. a single machine to print, scan, copy and fax. But we don’t want a multi function printer; all we need is a standalone scanner due to its versatility. A good scanner can scan ID cards, fragile documents like banners, receipts, as well as thicker documents up to 400gsm in thickness. Epson is an example of a versatile scanner.

Epson offers a range of scanners ranging from sheet feed to flatbed models that offer high speed and high volume scanning. The DS 530 scanner is a compact model which has a high speed of up to 35ppm. It has an automatic document feeder that has a capacity of 50 sheets and can scan documents of different sizes. It does not require manual replacement of documents while scanning.

Espon’s sheet feed scanners have speeds up to 65 ppm with automatic document feeders that support up to 100 sheets. These can scan documents of all sizes at the same time, and has an optional Network Interface Unit, which enables the scanners to be shared among a workgroup for higher productivity. Epson’s high speed A3 scanners boast a scan speed up to 70 ppm and are able to support 200 sheets in its automatic document feeder.

Flexibility is one of the important advantages of a standalone scanner. It is compact in size and portable. It makes it easier to carry around to exhibitions, seminars and road shows. Apart from minimizing clutter, these scanners can be used at smaller workstations such as smaller customer service counters.

Digitization not only removes the clutter of paper from your office but it saves your money and also improves the security of your documents. With the help of reliable document scanning solutions, you can digitize all your important documents with excellent accuracy and speed. These solutions are cost-effective and allow bulk document scanning.

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