How a Paperless Office Can Transform the Transportation Industry

by | Published on Nov 17, 2016 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Paperless OfficeJust as any other industry sector, the transportation industry can also undergo remarkable transformation and enjoy a thoroughly organized way of functioning by going paperless with the help of document scanning services. Transportation is one of the most regulated industries having to deal with a lot of paperwork related to transportation companies, logistics providers, airlines, package delivery services, and other processes that you need to keep track of in order to be successful in this competitive industry. The most commonly used documents in transportation industry include among others:

  • Bills of lading
  • Delivery receipts
  • Commercial invoices
  • Trip reports
  • Pay roll records
  • Freight bills
  • Customer satisfaction forms

The Transdev Example

Capturing critical documents quickly at their sources reduces paper overload and improves payment times. There are many instances of organizations around the world benefiting from a paperless approach. For instance, Transdev, a leading public transport company that delivers services across Australia and New Zealand has digitized all their critical data. They have an extensive and diverse public transportation system that includes buses, trains, ferries, rails etc and helps 145 million customers every year. Transdev Chief Information officer Simon Pearce said that embracing technology transformation helped in creating a centralized operational approach that makes it much easier to handle business processes. Pearce leads a team of 24 employees from various departments such as IT application, architecture, and service delivery, and their objective is to overcome technology obsolescence and simultaneously achieve best practice solutions and platforms to optimize operations.

Digitization for this company was not an easy process as the company had nine different networks with different substandard infrastructure. But once all the documents were digitized systematically, the employees in the organization were able to focus on what was required and delivering it in an agile manner. The digital transformation process is still continuing in the company that helps them to ensure ultimate customer experience.

Towards a Paperless Office

The digital age is taking over every organization from healthcare to finance to transportation and other sectors. The shift from a conventional office set up to a paperless office is not a simple task. However, with access to the right software or professional document scanning services, organizations can easily convert their office into a paperless office. Following are five tools that can help you achieve a paperless office easily.

  • Cloud storage compatible with the tools you use: All paper-based documents in your organization can be systematically digitized and the digital copies stored in compatible and reliable cloud storage. Google Drive and Dropbox are the most popular cloud storage services. Google Drive provides free storage of 15GB and Dropbox provides 2 GB. Both these services provide collaborative interface for group projects.
  • Online faxing: Online faxing is a good option to look into if your business sends or receives a lot of faxes. Today there are many outbound faxing apps like JotNotFax and Breezy that are in sync with Dropbox or Google Drive and these enable you to send documents from anywhere.
  • E- signature service: The e- signing tool allows users to sign documents digitally and also enables quick sending of those documents. It also allows choosing integration options for major cloud services. DocuSign is one app that offers dashboard timeline that never leaves any questions regarding the document’s status and location. There are also apps that make signatures portable for entrepreneurs who are always on the go.
  • Use of a good document scanner: Digitizing all valuable documents is a time-consuming task but it can be made easy with a help of a good document scanner that is efficient and easy to use. Today, even mobile document scanning apps are available that help in scanning your documents quickly. CamScanner and GeniusScan are some of the ioS and Android compatible options available.
  • Using shredder: Offices usually have an excessive amount of paper waste that takes up a lot of space. One way to get rid of unwanted paper is by shredding them. There are many companies that provide shredding services. This allows disposing of any junk that is not required anymore.

Paperless office improves your company’s efficiency and streamlines internal processes and it is an attainable reality with the support of reliable and practical document conversion and scanning solutions. Digitization of vital documents improves security and quick document access, increases visibility and offers other benefits as well. With automation of documents the organization can experience faster, more efficient, consistent and reliable business outcomes.

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