Paper Files vs. Digital Files: Which Is the Better Choice?

by | Published on Apr 15, 2016 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Paper Files vs. Digital FilesThe accumulation of paper in a business organization can be quite overwhelming. Many offices are getting rid of all the paper clutter by converting the paper documents into digital form. For this they utilize the services of an experienced document scanning and conversion company. It is an easy way to save, store and protect critical information.

Paper Files

Paper is a temporary medium for storing information in small quantities. In large quantities it is expensive and may deteriorate after many years. In the 1800s, businesses used to keep their documents in a paper filing system which was their only option. This method of storing documents is indeed a practical solution for business owners who know where they have kept the original copies of their documents. These documents can be easily accessed by anyone in the office.

But paper files have some disadvantages too; as the business continues to grow the number of stacks of papers also increases. Important documents will have to be retained and storing these papers takes up a lot of space in your office. Another major disadvantage of paper files is that the paper gradually starts decaying after many years and they are not durable. Also these paper files cannot be shared with others and organizing them is time consuming too.

Digital files

With the advent of technology, all paper documents can be converted into digital form using advanced scanners and software. Today many organizations are digitizing their office documents that help businesses function smoothly and efficiently.

Conversion of business documents into electronic format makes document management much easier and it has many other advantages too:

  • Easy access to documents
  • Quick retrieval of documents
  • Can be shared with many others at a time
  • Ensure security of confidential data
  • Environment friendly
  • The digitized copies of the documents can be stored in electronic storage devices thus reducing the need for physical storage space.

In spite of all these advantages digitization is still not implemented in many organizations. This is mainly because businesses that have huge piles of paper documents find it difficult to handle large volumes of paper. This problem can be resolved by hiring a reliable document scanning and conversion company that can manage large quantities of paper documents. They use advanced software and technology to capture the data with utmost quality and accuracy.

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