Outsourcing Data Entry Can Improve Business Productivity

by | Published on Dec 21, 2016 | Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Data EntryOutsource data entry and gain that competitive edge! This is something business organizations hear frequently in connection with streamlining their voluminous data packages. How important is data to a business? Data is considered as valuable as gold for a business organization, which makes organizing and storing it safely and keeping track of it on a regular basis very important. Accurate and streamlined data entry is vital when it comes to decision making, customer support activities and carrying out various transactions. So can’t it be handled in-house? Sure, data entry and related tasks can be done in-house but it can turn out to be a tiresome job for your office staff. Handling a team of data entry operators specially recruited for the purpose can also prove stressful and consume considerable time that you could otherwise utilize to focus on core business activities. On the other hand, if businesses partner with a data entry company, they can ensure accurate, relevant and reliable data while saving money and time.

The Outsourcing Model Is Beneficial

Outsourcing business processes whether data entry or some other function, has often proved to be beneficial to organizations. To consider an example, Statesville City Council approved outsourcing their utility billing process to save on staff, equipment and supply costs. The Council said via a press release that now their utility bills will have a new look and carry more information on the bill.

  • The City contracted with a private company to handle the production and mailing of the bills.
  • The bill was redesigned as a result and now customers are given additional details regarding their actual utility usage and any financial transactions on the bill.
  • Budget billing customers will find more up-to-date information regarding their bill plan and the status of their account.
  • This new system also allows customers to receive their bill via email.
  • The new system is expected to make the sign-up easier while ensuring clearer information. This in turn may encourage more customers to begin using e-notification and alternative payment options such as bank draft or pay online.

This is one example of how outsourcing certain processes can bring various tangible benefits and improve efficiency.

Coming back to data entry in any business office, data is stored in files, blueprints, invoice and mail orders among others. Storing and maintaining these valuable documents requires considerable space and involves a lot of expenses. That is what makes many organizations opt for the outsourcing model when converting and storing the documents and data in digital format. Even financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies prefer to outsource data entry requirements to ensure accurate and complete archiving of their financial information. In such cases the outsourcing company is a strategic partner for the organization, providing value-added services and helping in improving the overall productivity.

Outsourcing to Reliable Data Entry Vendors

Hiring a reliable data entry vendor assures accurate and well-organized data that can accelerate the growth of the business. Data entry vendors offer various services such as the following:

  • Image data entry: Reliable services provide data imaging into any file format according to the needs of the client and also help in extracting data from different file formats such as JPG, GIF, and BMP among others.
  • Offline and Online data entry: Online data processing helps in managing and keeping your ERP and CRM systems updated and can help in entering large volume data into the online database. Offline data entry helps in capturing information from records, company reports and scanned images.
  • Yellow pages data entry: Businesses often have many clients, customers and agents whose numbers and information need to be stored. Yellow pages data entry helps in entering details like addresses, email IDs, phone numbers and other contact details.
  • Data entry from printed or handwritten documents: This involves data capture from journals, magazines, resumes, invoices etc.

Document and Data Outsourcing Services to Experience Increased Demand

The demand for services such as data entry and document conversion provided by data entry companies is expected to increase in the coming years with organizations trying to reduce operational cost and gain competitive advantage. Apart from the regular outsourcing solutions, organizations may also make increasing use of solutions such as marketing analytics that will help them use information and improve their operations.

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