One-touch Scanning and Its Benefits Amidst This Pandemic

by | Last updated Jan 27, 2024 | Published on Mar 23, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Are you looking to save unnecessary expenses, improve business productivity, save your staff’s valuable time for your core business, and also protect the environment? If “Yes”, then consider one-touch scanning solution. Ease of use and convenience is what everyone needs, especially in document processing – which is an integral part of any organization’s operations. These days, document processing is becoming more and more important amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses are forced to take extra measures to implement social distancing in the workplace. With these extra measures in place, it’s difficult to do document processing with a multi-touch document scanning process using traditional scanners. In such instances, you can either rely on a professional document scanning service or consider a one-touch scanning solution that utilizes available space and significantly reduces document preparation, thereby greatly enhancing social distancing efforts.

Document management – such as processing, digitizing and distributing documents – is critically important for an organization’s operations. But as of now with the pandemic, businesses are not able to operate with their full workforce in their office. Many organizations have also implemented remote workforce or one on a rotation method. In this situation, be it remote work or distributed workforce, access to mail and other physical documents is equally important and document processing and scanning is imperative. However, document processing using traditional scanners is rather challenging during the pandemic. The challenges include:

  • Need for Physical Space: Due to the pandemic and social distancing, there is a greater need for physical space – to keep people safe during the pandemic. Therefore, companies need to invest in additional high-speed scanning machines and dedicate more physical space for laborers to do document processing – which can be rather costly.
  • Labor Scarcity: Many organizations are facing huge labor scarcity, as there is an increase in unplanned absences. This is due to the fact that many employees may not feel safe coming to work in an environment where social distancing isn’t possible. Labor shortage leads to delays in processing and distributing key data and documents.
  • Hybrid and Distributed Workforce: With labor shortage and unplanned absences being a new normal these days, many companies are adopting hybrid and distributed workforce in their work environment. This is creating a cyclical workforce which rotates days working at the office and home. However, in this working model, document handling and processing becomes a little difficult, as documents need to be accessible to ensure that business can continue uninterrupted.
  • Document Security: With companies expanding their document processing operations to much greater physical space, document security also should be taken into consideration.

To overcome these challenges, we need an efficient and time-saving document scanning process, because documents can’t just be skipped or delayed as it might cause major business disruptions and a lack of efficiency overall.

One-touch Scanning for Safer Work Premises

So, to conform with the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, it’s better to look for a document scanning solution such as one–touch scanning. This scanning solution reduces multiple touches and ensures a safe working environment for employees, as it requires only one person to run. It will also create an overall more efficient process and help limit the opportunity for COVID-19 to spread in the work premises, as it inherently allows for social distancing.

Benefits of a One-touch Scanning Solution

Without sacrificing quality or functionality, companies can now benefit from one-touch scanning. Some benefits of this scanning solution are:

  • Eliminate complicated multi-step scanning processes with one-touch simplicity
  • Companies can keep their employees safe while processing and digitizing documents
  • Improve productivity and collaboration
  • Critical data gets distributed among employees without delay
  • Reduces overall labor needed to do the same work in traditional scanners, as it requires only one person to run the machine
  • It is faster and better than traditional scanners
  • It would have a powerful suite of applications that improve image quality, OCR accuracy, and document management
  • Delivers best reliability, accuracy and technology

Overall, one-touch scanning machines are designed to eliminate document preparation and accepts documents in practically any condition, which means, you no longer need multiple employees touching documents to prepare them for scanning.

Given the necessity of document scanning solutions in any business sector, invest in a one-touch scanning solution or partner with a reliable document scanning company. If you have to scan bulk documents, outsourcing is a practical solution, as it is a more affordable option compared to investing valuable dollars in expensive equipment and scanning personnel. Businesses can consider the support of experienced document scanning companies that provide reliable scanning and document conversion solutions.

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