q What are the New Trends in Document Scanning and Imaging

New Trends in Document Scanning and Imaging

by | Published on May 15, 2015 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

New Trends in Document Scanning and ImagingThese days a major portion of business data in organizations is stored electronically. In spite of this, most companies have a large number of documents that still exist in paper format. It is best that these are also converted into electronic format via document scanning and imaging so that they can be stored and managed conveniently.

Some of the benefits offered by document scanning services are:

  • The cost for printing, mailing, copying, sorting and filing of documents is reduced
  • Considerable office space is saved, since the paper documents are now converted and saved electronically
  •  The security of data also increases due to usage of passwords, firewalls and backups

With their value-added services, document scanning companies help their client organizations to streamline business data, and also facilitate quick decision making. In the long term, the tie-up with a reliable provider brings excellent benefits to client companies.

Emerging Trends in the Document Imaging Scenario

A number of trends have emerged in the document scanning and imaging scenario that improve the efficiency of the process, and are worth looking into.


With a function known as ADE or Advanced Data Extraction, you can view and extract the Meta data automatically, so as to make the key business document processing more efficient. With the use of ADE, the amount of staff time required to look up data and re-enter it into a new program is reduced drastically.


Fax is the simplest technology, and is used by most small and medium companies. It is a point to point process of imaging and communication and is perfect for a company which needs a lot of security in its dealings. The inbound faxes can be processed and redirected to the correct department, so as to improve the efficiency and workflow of a company.


One way of maintaining confidentiality of data is through redaction. Through this, too much exposure of highly sensitive matter can be avoided. It is an application that secures certain information from being viewed. This holds useful for social security numbers, tax ID numbers and such other sensitive information.

The great news is that the document scanning and imaging services are being utilized by many organizations. Concern for the environment is a major reason that has persuaded business organizations to shift from paper documentation to electronic storage and processing. Any business will find affordable document scanning services very useful; these ensure increased accuracy and quality as well as customized solutions within the required turnaround time.

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