Document Scanning of Legal RecordsDocument scanning of legal records and conversion of valuable documents into digital format is an ideal way to save, store and protect critical records. Paperless office has become a popular concept in recent years with the legal industry also engaging in large scale digitization of its data resources. Moreover, this shift from paper documents to electronic documents improves the efficiency and flexibility of lawyers and their staff.

A recent survey conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence in which 100 law firms participated revealed that about 69% of firms digitized at least some of their legal records and 35% of the firms digitized their current as well as historical records. The other findings of the survey are as follows:

  • The four main reasons for digitizing the law records are quick access to the records, less storage expense, less storage requirement and the desire to be as digital as possible.
  • Other major benefits attributed to the digitization of legal records are improved efficiency, better attorney / staff productivity, establishing a complete digital database of legal records, increased client satisfaction and responsiveness.
  • 75% of the firms in-housed their document scanning task by employing their own staff.
  • Only 13% of the firms stored all the law records in off-site facility whereas 32% of the firms stored their records in an on-site facility.
  • Around 50% of the firms said that the reputation of the digitization vendor is important when outsourcing law records digitization.

Law firms often face problems when performing digitization in-house when they ignore important factors such as good infrastructure, document management software etc while digitizing. Another major problem is the lack of clarity and quality of images.  They also face problems in the retrieval of the scanned data. These problems occur because of poor scanning skills and lack of document management and this affects the workflow of the organization. To overcome these flaws, the ideal solution is to approach a reliable digitization vendor.

A professional document scanning company with a long and impressive track record in the industry will have trained and skilled employees who can digitize huge volumes of data quickly. They use the latest advanced technology that guarantees excellent image quality and they also ensure complete confidentiality of client data. With a provider enjoying excellent reputation, there need be no concerns regarding the security of the sensitive data entrusted.