Importance of Digitizing Library Resources and How It Can Help Readers

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Libraries and other organizations are now in the process of scanning their resources with the help of document scanning services so that a digital collection can be maintained. A digitized library collection helps to protect the original material and for students, researchers and scholars it is easier to access the library’s digital collections, e-books, online catalogs and other resources through the internet. All public libraries nationwide are moving towards digital transformation, offering a range of experiences with books and materials, and ensuring access to the required materials anywhere anytime.

Libraries and museums, large or small, have opened their precious and historic collection to the public with the help of digitization. This became especially useful during the pandemic-induced lockdown. When all book stores, libraries, universities, schools and colleges were closed, many libraries shifted their services online. Digitized collections became crucial for scholars, educators, and students to be able to continue their work.

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How Digital Libraries Can Serve the Readers

  • Provide Virtual Services: Once the books, journals, magazines or any reading material is digitized, it can be made available to online readers. In Copenhagen, librarian Christian Lauersen provided services from online read alouds for children and adults to virtual book recommendations to transforming their libraries.
  • Capture Historical Moments Digitally: Digitizing library collections involves capturing and preserving history. Digitization allows future historians and readers to look back at the lives and experiences of the community. Today, you can either interview family or take their photos and preserve the data to know how the people lived and survived during the pandemic.
  • Better Access to Digital Resources: Even though libraries were shut down, people could still access the library resources just with the click of a button. Recently, the search for online journals, eBooks, library admissions, and library cards have increased drastically. It also allows community members to interact with the librarian and discuss books. Library users in Topeka and Shawnee County, Kansas are practicing this procedure through Facebook.
  • Keep Communities Connected: With digital library resources, the member of the library can come together online for some at home fun activities. The Portage District Library in Michigan conducts online contests that ask members to submit activities. They can even get into a raffle to win a gift certificate from a local business. It keep families and friends engaged during these uncertain times.

Decreasing Value of Print Collection

Print books, journals, magazines and paper documents may give the feel of paper but these resources can deteriorate with time. So, to preserve the contents, digitization of the library is essential. By digitizing library collections, information will be accessible to all instead of just to a group of researchers. Digital projects allow users to search for collections rapidly and comprehensively from anywhere at any time. Thus, digitization makes the invisible visible. Moreover, print books, journals, magazines etc. can take up a lot of space and it requires expensive file cabinets and other measures to keep them in place and in good condition. Digitization of library resources helps to save them from any disasters like flood, fire etc. whereas print books can get completely damaged in a disaster. Moreover, the condition of print books can worsen with time due to improper handling. Keeping all these points in mind, it is always best to digitize library resources so that the future generation can also learn about the past.

Digitization of library resources has provided a new platform for the preservation of these delicate documents and also enabled online access to these rich resources. If you wish to digitize your library resources, make sure that you partner with a reliable document scanning company that can handle huge volumes of fragile documents without causing any damage to the originals.

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