The Impact of Data Entry Errors and How to Reduce It

by | Published on Aug 30, 2022 | Data Entry Services

Inadequate and inaccurate data can impact your business in a negative way. Manual data entry involves several challenges. High error rate is one of the major challenges that occur mainly due to reasons ranging from inadequate training of data entry professionals to human error, illegible handwritten forms, misinterpretation of comments, and so on. Other challenges are related to slow turnaround time, poor quality checks, and more. Data entry errors can impact the growth of businesses in diverse ways. Wrong data can result in inaccurate databases and poor decision making. Lack of appropriate skills and experience can also cause data entry errors.

Some common types of data entry errors

Inaccurate input of data

  • Entering wrong information
  • Disorganization
  • Entering incorrect records
  • Unintentional mistype

Incorrect data formatting

  • Entering correct data in the wrong column or field
  • Entering data information multiple times

Transposition errors

  • Entering improper payment amounts
  • Incorrect phone numbers

Data misinterpretation

  • Avoiding variables in records
  • Misunderstanding numbers with any letters

How to Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Certain measures to eliminate data entry errors and improve the accuracy of data are –

Make sure to hire enough staff

When employees overwork, they tend to make more mistakes. If there’s a huge amount of work to handle, it is ideal to hire more efficient employees. Never set unrealistic goals, as it will add more pressure on employees. If there’s more work to be done, hand over the task appropriately along with appropriate deadlines. Hiring enough staff will help to run business operations quite smoothly. Proper audit along with the services of enough employees helps to divide the work properly.

Provide the right training

Proper training is critical for new as well as experienced staff. Train your staff on the importance of error-free data and how valuable the information is for businesses. With a clear understanding of the importance of their position, employees feel more responsible and focus on improving accuracy.

Focus on working environment

Working environment can also directly impact your employees’ work performance. Make the office more comfortable for your staff. Provide enough breaks and leisure time for your employees so that they can avoid eye strain and thus prevent wrong data entries. A comfortable work atmosphere with advanced infrastructure and proper lighting help to perform their work accurately.

Set up targets and standardize processes

Focus more on accuracy than on speed. Data management best practices can help organizations to identify inaccurate data; but not all the errors and inaccuracies are identified and rectified. The organization always has to ensure that the data entered is accurate and is readily available as and when required. Standardizing the data collection and data entry process helps to achieve maximum accuracy in the process of data entry. Rushing a task can lead to more errors. Set target goals that the employees can achieve with dedicated work.

Quality control matters

Manual errors are common. Double-check all the entered data to improve data quality and minimize data entry errors. Most companies implement quality assurance policies that involve three level quality checks to identify any errors or quality issues.

Choose the right data entry outsourcing company

If your staff is really concerned about the mundane and repetitive typing tasks, consider outsourcing it to experienced data entry service providers. Professional data entry companies consistently deliver over 99% accuracy rate. Such firms will follow all the necessary measures to ensure data entry accuracy.

Automate the task

Entering data manually is time consuming. Data entry processes can be improved using automation tools which help everyone save time and produce high data integrity. Many data entry firms also provide robotic process automation services to automate business processes including data entry and thus enhance efficiency. While repetitive tasks may be automated, it is also important that data entry agents still have the responsibility to check whether all data is correct and accurate.

Experienced data entry companies will have stringent quality control processes in place to prevent data errors. They’ll be up-to-date with changing technologies and provide the services of skilled and experienced data entry operators.

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