How to Prevent Data Entry Mistakes in Your Restoration Business

by | Published on Jun 12, 2019 | Data Entry Services

A full-service restoration company will have to do both water mitigation and reconstruction services. An emergency restoration contractor sees all types of disaster situations daily and has the knowledge and expertise to make sure the client’s loss is handled properly the first time. Accurate data is crucial for these contractors to manage their challenging tasks throughout the day. Data entry outsourcing is an excellent option for such challenging businesses, or they have to consider an in-house data entry operator who can –

How to Prevent Data Entry Mistakes in Your Restoration Business

  • Maintain records for all payments, expenditures, purchase orders, invoices and statements
  • Update monthly reconciling of bank deposits and statements
  • Handle payroll taxes of monthly financial statements and required business documents
  • Pay keen attention to detail, maintain records and get files organized
  • Maintain strict data confidentiality

Errors may occur during manual data entry, probably while taking notes or entering information into an Excel spreadsheet, that could cost your restoration business time and money. Dealing with all the data related to changing estimates, purchase orders as well as labor hours can be a bit challenging. An expert accountant working with a skilled data entry operator can reduce administrative errors and careless mistakes to a great extent.

Consider these tips to avoid data entry errors in your business –

Organize your data

If your restoration projects and claims are still in paper, consider scanning them and converting into any digital format as this prevents losing or misplacing a critical piece of information. You can also use restoration software platforms to organize data safely.

Hire sufficient staff

Increased workload can lead your staff to commit mistakes. Stressed and overwhelmed employees tend to make careless errors. So, make sure you appoint enough staff to handle the amount of work the company needs to get done.

Let your staff know that accuracy matters more than speed

When it comes to data entry, accuracy is more important than speed, because rushing a task can result in more errors. Let your staff know that accuracy is your primary objective and set accuracy goals for your team. Though work speed should also be evaluated, the major focus should be on doing the job right.

Quality checks help

Assign a quality assurance team to double check all the data entry works done. Quality check is an integral part of the manual data entry process. Make sure to invest in additional personnel to perform quality checks of manual data entry tasks. Implementing practices such as Double Entry System also ensures that the right output is obtained.

Provide effective training

Train staff on the value of your data and let them know that accurate data is critical for your company’s operational efficiency. Train them on the regulatory and compliance requirements for the restoration industry, specifically your company. It is also ideal to develop a system for your restoration business’ data management, train all new employees on the data entry process and keep the system updated.

Comfortable work atmosphere

Providing a flexible working environment also reduces mistakes, as the staff would focus more on work. You can also offer telecommuting option so that they can meet their personal needs as well. At workstations, sufficient breaks should be provided.

Data entry automation

To help fight the costs and challenges associated with manual data entry tasks, automating data entry processes is a great option. With technological advances such as IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), smart data, cloud computing, machine learning and more, data entry can be done using automated software systems, which can further increase data entry speed and accuracy and facilitate real time insights.

These tips can help you efficiently reduce entry errors and enhance data integrity across your enterprise. Not only better data management, proper bookkeeping practices are also crucial for a restoration company to maintain accurate financial records.

As in-house manual data entry comes with its own set of challenges for an organization, restoration contractors can consider partnering with an experienced data entry companyto manage their data entry needs. Professional companies will follow all the necessary measures to ensure data entry accuracy.

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