How to Find Safety Records of Transportation Companies: Data Mining and Capture from SAFER Website

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Businesses transporting goods to their customers or products from their manufacturing facility to the showroom need to ensure they put their precious wares in safe hands. The right trucking company will ensure cost-effectiveness by transporting the goods on time. Safety is an all-important aspect here, and it pays for organizations to do their homework and gather as much information as they can so they can identify a reliable transporter to ensure efficiency and preserve their reputation.

Checking Out Safety Records

It’s not difficult to find information on the safety record of a trucking company in the US. All you need to do is head to the SAFER website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation. Enter the name or DOT number or MC/MX number (whichever is convenient) of the company and you will be directed to a statistics page of the company with details such as:

  • Overall safety rating
  • Comparison of safety record with national averages
  • Results of vehicle roadside inspection
  • Detailed information on crashes
  • Out-of-service violations
  • Total annual mileage
  • Number of drivers
  • Number of vehicles
  • Type of cargo

For More Information

You can also get more safety information about the carrier by clicking “SMS Results” on the top right corner of the SAFER statistics. The information provided includes:

  • Use of drug or alcohol while driving
  • Serious violations in safety
  • Violations in vehicle maintenance
  • Moving violations such as seat belt violations, speeding tickets, running lights, etc.
  • Fatigued driving or violations in hours-of-service

An efficient business process outsourcing company with experience in data mining and data entry of transportation records can help its clients acquire more in-depth and accurate information about trucking companies from these websites so that they can entrust their valuable goods to the right carrier.

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