How to Address Common Document Management Challenges

by | Published on Nov 1, 2018 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Today, most businesses are moving towards a paperless office, and converting their paper-based documents into electronic format. This helps them save money, reduce carbon foot print, minimize storage space, increase employee productivity and generate higher earnings. With advanced equipment and high-end software, document scanning companies can scan and convert paper documents into digital format. After converting into electronic documents, you may still encounter difficulties managing these documents.

Document Management

Here are some of the most common problems faced by the people when dealing with files and their solutions.

  • File is too big to send or upload – When the file is too big to send or upload to Google Drive, then it is imperative to reduce the size of the file using compression tools. However, the compression tools support only PDF files, so if the file is not in PDF, then it should be converted to PDF first. Even if the big files are uploaded or attached, poor internet connection and the size of the file may cause the download to take longer than expected. Compressing the PDF file helps the recipient to open the file quickly.

    Another option is to split a file. It is an ideal solution when you don’t need the entire document, but only certain parts of it. All you have to do is to select the pages you need and split the PDF into two or more smaller PDFs.

  • It’s difficult to edit a scanned PDF – This is another common issue associated with document management. Not every PDF converter can convert scanned PDF file or the conversion result may be non-editable content in editable file format. Therefore, the PDF converter has to be built with OCR technology that extracts text from scanned files. With the help of such a PDF conversion tool, it is easy to edit a scanned PDF. The conversion tool can convert scanned PDF files to Word and other formats.
  • To get high quality photo prints – Many people believe that it is better to print photos in their original format (image file format, JPG). However, the best file format for printing is the PDF file format. So, if you are not satisfied with the printed image, then save your JPG file as PDF first and then print it.
  • Combine content from different PDF files – You can combine data from different files in two different ways. If the files are in PDF, you can simply merge them into one file and then you can split pages from that merged PDF, to discard the unnecessary ones. If you are dealing with editable files such as Word or Excel, copy and paste functions will do the job. Select the text you want to copy and then Copy the text from the file and paste it to another one. Generally, there are three paste options such as Paste Values Only, Paste without Formatting, and Paste with Source Formatting.
  • Edit a scanned paper document – If you want to make an electronic version of a paper document, you don’t need to retype everything manually. Instead, snap a photo of your paper document on a flat surface and without visible background or scan it with a scanner. With the PDF conversion tool, you can convert the scanned image file (a photo or a scan of your paper document) to Word, Text or Excel.

Outsourcing document scanning tasks to an experienced document scanning company helps scan paper documents and convert them into electronic format. You needn’t lose time retyping text from your paper and making changes in Word or another text editor. These solutions to the most common problems in document management will help you complete your tasks quickly and more efficiently.

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