How a Digital Mailroom Can Boost Operational Efficiency

by | Published on Jun 1, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Sorting, processing and distributing incoming mail are an integral part of the normal workflow in both big and small offices. Done manually, they are laborious, expensive and time-consuming processes that are prone to errors including delayed and misplaced correspondence. Today, these mundane and labour-intensive mail management processes have been automated to create the digital mailroom. Using digitization, AI, and machine learning, the digital mailroom routes all inbound mail to the appropriate recipient in the company. As the mail automation involves scanning and digitizing incoming mail to make it available electronically, a document scanning company often plays a key role in the creating the digital mailroom. With mailroom automation solutions, businesses cut costs and boost operational efficiency.

Automation for Quick and Efficient Mail Routing

How does the digital mailroom work? The process involves several steps: automated mail sorting, opening the mail, scanning, indexing and data capture.

  • Both paper mail and emails are monitored and processed.
  • Emails are processed by extracting embedded files and attachments, and formatting them for automation.
  • All mail is converted to digital format using document scanning and data capture methods.
  • Data capture systems automatically classify documents based on type and capture data embedded in the documents.
  • Mailroom staff deliver the mail promptly and effortlessly to the right mail recipient which may be a department, team or person

Automating the incoming mail process and indexing the documents promptly enables companies to manage and control their mail processes efficiently – without losing valuable documents. All mail formats – email, fax and paper – can be integrated on a central platform which works to significantly improve productivity and customer service. By digitizing all their other documents and maintaining them on a single server, companies can prevent data loss, cut overhead costs, enhance security, and improve their internal processes and customer service.

Advantages of Mailroom Automation

Mailroom automation improves data control and visibility as it is easier to track digital documents. It streamlines data storage, lowers labor costs, and improves security.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on email volume. TechRepublic recently reported on a new study from Pathwire which found that up to 55% of senders increased their email volume, and 49% email customers more frequently since the start of the pandemic. An IDM article lists the benefits of digital mailroom implementation during these challenging times as follows:

  • Mail Reaches the Right Person, Faster: With teams working from the home office, the digital mailroom staff can deliver time sensitive mail to the right person. Staff can receive mail in a timely manner and get work done faster.
  • Secure Delivery of Sensitive Documents: Manual handling of mail is prone to errors and compromised documents. Digital mailroom processes are secure as the content is captured as it reaches, and organized and archived on the fly. Approved staff can access sensitive customer and company data from one central platform. With mailroom automation, companies don’t have to worry about misplaced or misrouted files.
  • Promotes Business Continuity: Reliable access to systems and critical documentation was abruptly interrupted when the pandemic struck. Digital mailrooms came to the rescue and ensured that staff had seamless access to materials and work processes from wherever they are which is crucial to maintain business continuity.
  • Saves Money: By digitizing mailroom processes, companies can save money spent on paper, printing, ink, storage, courier, delivery, and more.
  • Improves Customer Service: With timely and easy access to important data, companies can serve their customers better. A digital mailroom improves response times as staff can find information quickly.

Improve Mailroom Automation Efficiency with Document Scanning Services

When you have large volumes of inbound mail to route, partnering with a document scanning company can improve efficiency. The incoming mail and faxes can be forwarded to the company and they will scan the material into a digital format using state-of-the-art equipment. They will also save the documents in the format you prefer and make them searchable on a database with data entry service and OCR solutions. A reliable service provider will ensure that the quality of every image is maintained and index the documents based on your needs. They will deliver the scanned documents to you in fast turnaround time for immediate processing, archiving and routing.

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