Your eBook Is a Great Marketing Tool – Here Are Some Effective Marketing Tips

by | Published on Mar 1, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Ebook MarketingEbooks have been revolutionizing the way how people read books. It is an electronic version of a printed book that can be downloaded via the internet and read on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. With the help of an eBook conversion company you can convert books into electronic format. The main advantage of eBooks is that you need not carry heavy print books around when the electronic versions can be stored in your mobile device.

eBooks as marketing tools? Yes, eBooks are exclusive marketing tools that can effectively convey details about your business, customer testimonials and case studies. They are standing proof of your business expertise. By their very nature such electronic books enjoy wide readership for the knowledge or entertainment they provide. eBooks are a $6.74 billion industry and is expected to grow to over $8 billion by 2018. eBooks do offer distinctive marketing advantages.

  • They can help increase your credibility.
  • With improved credibility, your publicity campaigns will be easier.
  • Media outlets are likely to give you more attention because eBooks serve as proof of your expertise.
  • If you eBook is listed on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, it automatically expands your market reach.
  • eBooks are priced lower than print books. This enables customers to learn more about your business and expertise from the book. They can then contact you through your business website for your products/services.

So if you have print books, convert them into eBooks. You can either convert it yourself using software like Kindle convert etc or utilize outsourced document conversion services. Once your ebook is ready, it can be marketed using the following tips:

  • Create a good landing page: Having a landing page is necessary so that people can sign up for the book when it is released. It will also help to have an automatic list for future updates and marketing.
  • Publish multiple eBooks: The more number of books you have, the more is your audience.
  • Invite readers to subscribe for updates: This method is an efficient way to build the list. By subscribing, readers are notified about each update. This method lets you know whether your audience is responding or not.
  • Offer some giveaway: Provide giveaways like a couple of free chapters; use some content as the long-form content for LinkedIn and Medium; or use the free chapter as the book review for those who left the cart midway. This is a technique to lure those audiences back.
  • Change your ebook to other formats: Transforming your eBook is one of the efficient tips and plan your repacking strategy when you start writing the book. However, repacking all the content is not necessary.
    • Create a good slideshare upload using some quotes.
    • One of the perfect ways to partially repack your book is by using flipsnack. It repacks your book into a flipo that can be viewed on iPad.
    • You can also make a recording of someone reading your e-book and launch it as an audio book.
  • Using the tips and tricks, quotes, and other interesting details in your eBook, create an attractive and informative infographic.
  • Transform each chapter into a blog post.
  • Place the eBook in your website home page, sidebar call-out and resources section.
  • You can include the eBook in your newsletters.
  • Create a marketing calendar: Create a calendar and plan to release your free chapters or repackages edition towards an upcoming holiday.
  • Use social ads: Make use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for advertising. This provides a wide scope of visibility and helps to reach out to more audiences. Also, make use of social media platforms to connect with the influencers by asking if they want the free copies ahead of the release, requesting honest reviews etc. This will help in building along term relationship with the readers.

The above mentioned promo tactics will help market your eBook and make it reach more prospective customers. You can always choose the tactics you prefer and those which work for you. Effective promotion of your business eBook will have to touch all phases of the sales funnel. It necessitates the involvement from multiple teams in your organization. When there is collaboration and proper planning, you can successfully generate leads and ultimately conversions.

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