History and Past Events

Newspapers have been a prime focus for document scanning in libraries due to their cultural and historic importance. Newspapers preserve rich records of the past and only a few libraries have copies of old newspapers, which are not accessible to everyone. Even if you have access to those newspaper collections, it is often difficult to… Read More »

Document Scanning Apps

Transition to a paperless office is no longer difficult. Scanning and converting digital or handwritten documents into suitable electronic formats such PDFs, jpg, doc or any is now easy with the best document scanning apps. These apps allow to digitally archiving files using mobile devices with ease. Scanning PDFs with phone can be a faster… Read More »

Accountancy Tasks

Accounting firms are engaged in time-consuming, repetitive tasks, as a day begins and ends for them with inputting data into a computer, scanning documents, tracking the payment status of invoices, managing client accounts and so on. Moreover, work desks would be filled with piles and piles of paper documents – which is a common sight… Read More »

PDF Format

Portable Document Format or PDF is a popular computer application used for document conversion. This electronic format enables users to store, and transmit information from one system to another. It helps users get bulky content across multiple platforms quickly and easily. PDF files can be protected from unauthorized copying, editing, viewing or printing. PDF has… Read More »

Documents Scanning

Educational institutions have huge volumes of data like records of teachers, student records, log books, public relations records, attendance records, equipment records, statistical records, financial records and so on. The records of the institutions reflect the vision and objectives of the institute and are essential for performing the activities of school while also enabling to… Read More »

Digital Workplace

Information or data is a prime resource for any organization and most of this data may be stored in the form of paper documents. Valuable information that is written, printed, copied and faxed, that drives much of an organization’s productivity, is often kept in piles and stuffed in folders and cabinets. These valuable documents are… Read More »

Document Scanning

Just like any other industry, agriculture is also an essential industry for both consumers and the economy. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the growth in agricultural productivity increased from the early 1980s till today and it is the single most important source of economic growth in the U.S. farm sector. However,… Read More »

The Future of Record Management System

Record Management System

Today, more than ever, organizations are focusing on scanning their documents and records and converting them into digital format to keep the data safe. For any organization, accurate data is a key element that helps in the growth of the business. With digitization, all the important documents can be stored safely and this enables users… Read More »


Every business office has its own share of voluminous paper documents that are rather difficult to manage. With rising rent and increasing workforce, business organizations have to optimize their work area and also remove the clutter to provide more space for office work. Digitization of paper records with the help of document scanning services is… Read More »


Like archiving important business documents, it’s also important for families to archive their photo history. There will be billions of lonely family slides gathering dust in closets and attics around the world, because a family will have many memorable moments such as vacation pictures, photos of grandfathers and grandmothers, childhood videos, family marriage functions, birthday… Read More »

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