Digitizing Your Content to Create EBooks

by | Published on Feb 16, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Digitizing Content to EBooksThe notion of going paperless is gaining prevalence across the nation and this has led to an increased demand for document scanning and conversion services. Digitization is seen as the most important and efficient way to make information and resources accessible to a wider and diverse audience. It makes data and content more searchable, extractable and shareable across various devices. The rapid increase in digitizing has also increased the demand for cloud-based solutions. eBooks are the standard now, with an increasing number of people choosing the electronic version over their paper counterparts.

Technological advancement has made it possible to digitize and create data that is extractable, searchable, and reusable in any language efficiently. Literary content of any existing language can be digitized. This helps in preserving old literary content in the form of dynamic digital content. What if you want to create and publish an eBook? Depending on whether you need the eBook for your personal use, or for a wider audience you can select a popular format. Amazon allows budding writers to publish their works online via Kindle Direct Publishing, a free tool. Your work will be made available in the Kindle marketplace immediately, and can be read on any phone, reader or other device that has a Kindle app installed. eBook creation software is also available, using which you can create your electronic book.

Another way to publish your book is to output the book as a PDF and host the file on the web. Some e-readers that don’t have advanced features may not be able to search PDF files. You could then consider converting PDFs to any of the e-book native formats. There are software systems available for the same, but if large volume conversion is involved always go for the services of a document conversion company.

If your book is a paper version with no digital copy, you must scan it first. Professional document scanning services can help in this regard by producing scans that are error-free and clean. Once you have created your eBook, there are effective ways to distribute it. You can sell it at the following online outlets.

  • Apple’s iBookstore
  • Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace
  • Barnes & Noble NOOK store
  • Kobo
  • Google Play Books
  • Smashwords

Thus in the digital era, it is easier for you to publish your content and become noticed as an author. You can also get your book across to a much wider audience than is possible with a print version.

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