Digitization of Work Place to Boost Efficiency & Employee Morale

by | Published on Oct 16, 2019 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Workplaces often face unforeseen changes such as changing workforce demographics, evolving global, economic, and political equations and so on.  Efficiency is vital even during such changes and organizations need to have effective measures in place to ensure this. In the changing business world, it is important for all industries to keep up with digitization to work efficiently. The key to the success of digital workplaces is effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy with the assistance of a document scanning company as well as other supporting solutions. The conventional way of business is now replaced with a more diverse and global staff, advanced digital developments that improve productivity, increased flexibility, employee satisfaction and personalized customer experience.

Digitization of Work Place

Workplaces are no longer confined to a small or closed area. With increased digitization, businesses have millions of people working from home or virtual offices that are scattered all over the world. With the right technology and tools, collaboration and sharing of files, documents and communication becomes easier. It also helps to organize online meetings and presentations and this ensures mobility and enhanced productivity.  Many industries have realized the significance of digital transformation and are turning towards digitization and adopting new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IT hardware and so on.

Digitization Improves Employee Satisfaction

With advancing technology, the role of digitization in ensuring employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement, is also increasing. Just with an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop or desktop, an employee can have his/her own digital workspace. According to Gallup, 68 to 87 percent of employees are indifferent in their jobs and some of them are openly expressing discontent, as well as endangering the overall workplace satisfaction and morale. Use of new technologies and workplace organization can improve employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Digitization of workplace improves accessibility to various documents, and also ensures flexibility and mobility for employees at real time.

Security and Collaboration Are Also Important

Apart from mobility and flexibility, there are other aspects that shouldn’t be ignored, i.e. collaboration and security. Collaboration is important for planning the digitization of workforce.  Some of the basic communication channels such as emails etc are still important till date. But with advanced technology we have real-time communication tools like Skype and Google Hangout. Moreover, employees are getting near-instant access to all important information they need for working with increasing mobile computing devices and technologies like LTE and 5G. This makes collaboration easier and removes any communication barriers. Similarly, security and integrity of sensitive data and avoiding data breaches is also significant. Organizations use cloud storage system to keep all important data safe. These data can be encrypted and ensure limited access so that sensitive data does not reach the wrong hands. Mandating multi factor authentication also helps to secure critical data.

The digital workplace initiative provides the right IT tools, platforms, and services to the staffs enabling them to work and collaborate anywhere, anytime with security and optimizing their work experience and productivity. A digital work place offers the following advantages among others:

  • Changes the working styles, enabling employees to work more transparently and use social networks.
  • Unifies offline and online communications by keeping employees connected through their mobile devices to provide access to tools and corporate information from anywhere.
  • Focuses on employee experience by providing them more choice, flexibility, and personalization.
  • Supports virtual workplaces that enable employees to stay connected while balancing customer privacy and operational risk.
  • Reduces spending and enhances productivity by offering the right tools to the employees with the right information at the right time.
  • Various services and components are combined in a single user interface and made available to the user, mostly web based.

Any provider of document scanning services understands the relevance of work place digitization and how it helps increase staff engagement, ensure better employee productivity and a more efficient work space.

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