How Cloud Storage Can Improve Mobile Workforce and Productivity

by | Published on Feb 27, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Cloud StorageToday, business organizations greatly depend on digital resources to ensure smooth workflow. When it comes to business documentation, important documents and other crucial records need to be stored safely. An ideal method of storing this data is by digitizing these documents with the help of reliable document scanning services. It would help prevent any damages to the documents and ensure durability of critical information.

Once all the documents are digitized, the digital copies can be kept safe in online cloud storage. This provides more flexibility when it comes to storing, accessing and backing up data. All important data can be encrypted and the data backed up and stored in multiple data centres that can be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud Storage Management for Mobile Workforce

Today, businesses opt for a mobile workforce that helps employees to work from various physical locations via the internet. This allows senior managers and staffs to spend more time on their work rather than wasting time attending meetings and conferences. Since decision makers go out of the office frequently, continuous pressure to implement flexible working hours has led to most organizations adopting the system of cloud document management to ensure business continuity. This will ensure that all employees in an office can work together at any time regardless of their location.

Surveys show that the majority of employees who have taken advantage of a mobile work style have reported increased productivity because of the flexibility it allows them. This flexibility ensures them a better work-life balance as well. The IT World Canada report points out that 97% of workers surveyed said that they would prefer to continue working remotely. 77% of employees said that access to new technology has a positive impact on how they feel, assuring that they are more engaged in their work and often willing to work whenever possible.

The Case of Uber

Uber is a company that has a nearly 100% cloud-based business. This is what empowers its huge workforce, namely drivers. What are the distinguishing features of this company?

  • Instant connectivity: This is a major advantage Uber drivers have. They are constantly connected to the company’s cloud-based network at any time, from any place. This enables the company to send drivers instantly when a customer calls.
  • The BYOD factor: The company allows its drivers to use their own mobile device, and install the secure Uber app on it. Since no equipment or training are involved, Uber doesn’t have any on-boarding costs when recruiting new drivers.
  • Ensured security: No confidential Uber data is stored on the drivers’ mobile devices. So, neither the management nor the drivers need to be overly concerned even if a mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Minimum downtime: Since Uber’s service is cloud-based, there is less risk of downtime. Drivers needn’t be concerned about lack of access to the company’s servers. Also, even if their mobile device is lost or stolen they can quickly get back to work and start using a new device without losing working hours or productivity.

Thus Uber is one excellent model of a successful business that is mostly cloud-based. It has a vast network of drivers who enjoy the reliability and convenience of the cloud-based platform.

Advantages of Cloud-based Storage

  • Employees can complete their work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Excellent work-life balance for the employees.
  • Employees can focus on innovation – creation of custom-made business apps to attract more customers, and on improving customer service and productivity.
  • Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from lower up-front investment in server costs, cost of personnel and resources to maintain the servers.
  • No need of physical space, hardware or security measures to maintain servers housing important data.
  • Helps in storing a wide range of data in one central location including all contracts, sales materials, employee records, business plans etc.
  • Improved security: Cloud providers ensure higher security levels than businesses may have in their own data centers. With cloud enabled backup and high availability measures ready, companies can ensure uninterrupted operations for customers and workforce.

The mobile workforce in the United States has grown to more than 100 million and according to Gartner, by the year 2017, 70% of all workers will conduct business via their personal devices. Modern enterprises can look to cloud-based services and improve efficiency and bottom line. There are document scanning companies that provide cloud-storage services. Your documents can be stored in an organized manner and the workflow environment is provided across your entire organization. It will allow rapid search and retrieval of the required information at the touch of a button. You can save on valuable office space while reducing your cost of retrieving important information.

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