Can Document Scanners Improve Your Business?

by | Published on Mar 5, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Does your business handle a large amount of paperwork? Have you invested in a document scanner or a professional document scanning service? If your answer is “no”, you are missing the golden opportunity to save unnecessary expenses, improve business productivity, save your staff’s valuable time for your core business, and also protect the environment.

Many businesses including healthcare, financial services, logistics and education may have to deal with paper records including business invoices, contracts, employee personal records, business cards, tax documents, travel claims, customer information forms and more. Diverse types of document scanners are now widely available that are meant to meet each business’ customized document management needs. Different scanner types include mobile scanners that are light and portable, high-speed document scanners that come with network connectivity and flatbed scanners that provide large-format support. A scanner can turn a paper document to a graphic image or PDF format file. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanners have the ability to recognize common print styles and convert them to text.

Benefits of Using Document Scanners

Cut on Unnecessary Business Expenses

With document scanners, you can cut costs on – paper, space and supply, security and fines on missing relevant documents. To store large volume paper records, you need a lot of space and have to purchase filing cabinets, folders and clippers to keep the documents safe.

With digital copies, you can save all such costs and save those documents in a digital cloud or hard drives. Computer or cloud storage can be secured by making it accessible only to authorized personnel. You can consider using these saved costs for more essential aspects of your business.

Improve Productivity

Your staff may have to spend hours searching through a pile of papers to find any important document. With easy-to-access electronic copies, you can also increase your employees’ productivity because they can easily find documents when they’re scanned.

Share Documents Easily

Instead of wasting time on traditional mail or fax, consider scanning the documents and sending digital copies via email. The convenience and speed of emailing electronic documents ensures more timely communication as well. High-quality digital scanners relieve the burden of filing paper forms and simplify document sharing. You and your staff can also access any information remotely from any location.

Increases Data Security and Ensures Better Disaster Recovery

Scanners also serve as a valuable disaster management tool. During natural disasters, all important and confidential documents that are scanned can be stored in a cloud storage or drive. You just need to routinely back-up critical documents and easily store them on drives at off-site locations. Scanned images can be saved as PDF documents with digital signatures to authenticate contents.

Why not Reduce Paper Usage in your Office?

To reduce paper consumption –

  • Choose documents that can be digitized and maintained without paper. Categorizing these documents depends mainly on the nature and type of your business. For instance, businesses in the legal or insurance sector may have to handle large amounts of paper records.
  • Make sure to have a strong records management policy in your office. Implementing such strategies helps in managing each type of document in the office.
  • Invest in an electronic document storage and management system. Based on the size of your organization and the amount of records you produce, choose an appropriate and user-friendly system for document management.
  • Recycle unwanted paper records. Take more ideas from your staff on reducing paper usage and offer rewards for employees who follow these ideas correctly.

For scanning bulk documents, businesses can consider the support of experienced document scanning companies that provide reliable scanning and document conversion solutions.

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