As in many other industries, back-office outsourcing also supports the shipping and transportation industry quite significantly. The demand for shipping and other modes of transportation is on the rise and they have a major role in national as well as international trading.

Back-office outsourcing solutions for shipping and transportation include support for documentation, digitization, auditing, scanning of Bill of Lading (BOL), data entry, data processing and the list goes on. Back office outsourcing simplifies the overall transportation process and supports supply chain management.

Back Office Outsourcing Solutions for Shipping and Transportation

Office outsourcing services for shipping and transportation include the following:

  • Generating of Bill of Lading (BOL)

Bill of Lading or BOL contains detailed information on the goods transported in the form of a receipt which is given to the person sending the consignment. It performs multiple functions including the contract of carriage, receipt of transport goods and a document title that affords ownership. Outsourcing companies perform BOL tasks related to all four sources for transporting goods including air, rail, sea, and road.
Handling paper-based BOL is a tedious task. Back-office outsourcing solutions digitize BOL. An e-BOL can improve productivity and accessibility. As it eliminates piles of paperwork, this is also an environmentally friendly option.

  • Audit Freight payment

Many logistic firms are facing trouble handling freight bills. Errors occur due to irrelevant data, leading to inaccurate billing. The repeated modification of freight rates and lengthy procedures are the main reasons for these errors. Back office outsourcing can ensure proper logistic invoice verification. This can eliminate errors in freight billing. Outsourcing solutions also help in the post-audit process by cross-checking the documents, which helps rectify errors in a timely manner.

  • Freight Logistics

Logistics companies face many challenges when they transport goods via road, rail, sea or air. Hiring back-office solutions would ease the challenges and simplify freight logistics tasks. It will ensure clarity in managing the supply chain process. Business process outsourcing companies use digital technologies for processing the information which will promote smooth pickup and delivery of products.

  • Logistic Data entry

Data entry is a fundamental process in any industry. Outsourced back office service providers will collect data from different sources including driver logs, BOL, B3 forms, purchase orders, shipping documents, and bills and receipts. They will ensure that all of the data is accurately entered in the company’s database.

Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing Solutions

Today, more and more logistics firms are relying on back office outsourcing services due to the many benefits they offer. The support of an experienced company can free up their employees and allow them to focus on their core duties. The key benefits of BPO include:

  • High quality, affordable logistic services
  • Helps the firm focus on their core functionalities
  • Improves customer experience
  • Allows for real-time tracking
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides expert knowledge
  • Integrates novel technologies like IoT to speed up processes
  • Eliminates tedious paper work
  • Improves productivity and efficiency

The transportation industry and the functions of the logistic firms have doubled. Today, business process outsourcing companies provide significant support to helps logistic firms function better, and provide quality services to meet the needs of their customers.