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Back Office Outsourcing Solutions for Media and Entertainment

by | Published on Mar 4, 2022 | Back Office Outsourcing

Most of the organizations in the media and entertainment (M&E) sector strive to explore innovative business models to have scalable growth. M& E-business may be related to television, cinema, music, radio, news channels, film production houses, advertising companies, broadcasters, gaming companies, or publishing houses. Tasks such as staff training, commercial inventory management, scheduling, customer service, onscreen ad placements, etc. are quite time-consuming. Many organizations in this industry are now relying on back office outsourcing, a cost-effective and reliable solution to get quality back office support.

M&E Benefits of Back Office Outsourcing

  • improve processes
  • enhance productivity
  • increase revenue
  • reduce operating costs
  • improve key back-office functionalities
  • drive digital transformation
  • minimize data security and management risks
  • enhance customer satisfaction

Back Office Outsourcing Services for M&E companies

Data Entry

The media and entertainment industry may require extracting or typing in data from printed, handwritten, scanned or any digital documents carefully. Also, many processes in this sector, including marketing and digitization need accurate data entry. Online archives and databases also rely on the information entered by data entry personnel. Professional data entry companies will have a trained and experienced team, skilled in handling even the most challenging data entry tasks.

Accounting or Book Keeping

Media and entertainment companies have to document the expenses incurred to provide consumers with movies, videos, books, magazines and music and account for the cost of everyday operational functions, as well as expenses related to administrative payroll, human resources, rent, utilities and office equipment and supplies.

An efficient accounting and bookkeeping method is critical for the sector to assist with revenue and expense recognition, production capitalization and to ensure that they can operate within their production budget and thus generate maximum profits. Up-to-date bookkeeping practices help prevent missing any tax deadline or deductions. Services may include completing payroll tax returns, credit card reconciliation, compiling periodic financial reports, and so on.

IT Support

M&E companies require a fast network to handle the intense demands of their customers. The industry may face strong challenges such as user experience, customer retention, and multi-platform integration among others. IT tasks that can be outsourced include integration of financial, customer, manufacturing, inventory, and HR information, inter department coordination, payment integration, mobile-based operations, customer coordination, audio/video functionality, software or web app development, live video streaming, communication delivery models and CMS solutions. Reliable IT support can help streamline media operations.

HTML & XML Conversion

Document management involves converting paper records into digital files and converting electronic files from one format to the other. A skilled team will have proficiency in converting XML and HTML files or pages into any other formats such as PDF, Word, RTF, Excel, SGML, CSV, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PSD or PNG. They use the latest conversion tools to recognize the file structure, layout, headings, tables, bulleted lists, code samples, etc. of diverse data formats and provide flawless conversions.


With a huge amount of content being created every second, media companies need more advanced digitization options to engage consumers and make the content easily accessible to them in a short time. Ranging from file-sharing to video-streaming and other media distribution, all tasks can be streamlined with reliable document scanning, conversion and imaging solutions.

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Inventory Management

Inventory management requirements can also be outsourced, as it mainly involves spreadsheets with cross-functional records. Ad inventory management which involves maintaining its expiry and time helps with the smooth functioning of ad operations.

Innovative digitization ideas are important for media and entertainment organizations to create the right content and present it in the correct context for consumers. Professional BPO services combine industry expertise with in-depth process knowledge, and the use of advanced technologies to organize and deal with their client’s back office processes. By outsourcing back office tasks, client companies can focus on their core business of creating and distributing content that meets subscribers’ demands.

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