Artificial Intelligence Helps Improve Efficiency in the Healthcare Sector

by | Published on Oct 11, 2018 | Outsourcing Services

Data entry and management is perhaps one of the most important processes in any healthcare unit. Accurate healthcare data is vital for physicians to provide quality care, better diagnosis, appropriate treatment and ensure patient satisfaction. They have huge volumes of data that should be maintained with high security. Data entry services provide high quality data processing services for healthcare organizations. When the data to be managed is excessively high, timely and efficient management becomes challenging. Now, healthcare providers as well as the data entry companies assisting them have started relying on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that facilitate the data retrieval and management process.

Artificial Intelligence

Medical groups that provide care to hundreds of thousands of people regularly need data from their members’ medical charts to get a clear idea of the members’ health status. Since medical claims don’t contain all the required data, these medical groups often have to retrieve the medical charts from providers and extract the required data from those. Manual chart retrieval, scanning and reviewing them can be burdensome and time-consuming. Take the case of Hill Physicians Medical Group. They have contracted 4000 physicians and provide care to more than 400,000 members across Medicare Advantage, commercial HMO, Next Generation ACO, Medi-Cal and PPO lines of business. Hill Physicians has been running chart collection campaigns for a long time to support Medicare Advantage risk adjustment. Medical chart collection required physicians’ office staff to provide copies of the medical charts. Most physician practices considered this process taxing and time-consuming, and often did not comply with the chart requests. This was a major concern for the medical group because they didn’t have the complete data required for their Medicare Advantage risk score, which in turn affected the premium dollars they received to pay for the care of their members.

Hill Physicians Medical Group solved their problem with the support of artificial intelligence-powered analytics tools. They utilized the technology provided by Apixio, a risk adjustment company that develops analytics tools powered by machine learning and AI. This technology reads the entire data and images in the medical chart and separates those parts of the chart that are likely to contain the information Hill Physicians is looking for. Following this, a certified coder reviews the identified data and makes the final determination regarding what is allowable based on coding guidelines.

  • Hill Physicians could eliminate the burden associated with chart retrieval from those physician practices (around 20%) that allowed them access to patients’ EHR. The AI system they use helps resolve issues associated with value-based care.
  • The use of AI improved accuracy (99%) and completeness of the data collected from the medical charts.
  • The range of codes identified and accepted (ICD-10 codes or CPT II codes) has grown with each project they do.
  • Their staff can now audit a large volume of medical charts in lesser time and more confidently.
  • The AI tool helps them to find the data in the chart to complete the accurate picture around member risk scores.

With the increasing challenges faced by the healthcare sector, providers must adopt innovative technology to stay ahead of the competition. AI in healthcare involves the use of algorithms and software to approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data. One of its main objectives is to analyze the relationship between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes.

Gone are the days when healthcare organizations stored data in paper records. Converting all data into electronic format helps to streamline the information and retrieve data quickly. This can be achieved with the support of AI solutions such as the one mentioned above, or with reliable services from a professional data entry company that makes use of the latest high-end technology to ensure quality data and data security. Typically, such a firm would have a team of experienced and trained professionals who make sure that all critical information is documented accurately and the finished documents are made available to you in a specified time. This allows healthcare professionals to concentrate on their work and enhance their productivity instead of wasting time checking the accuracy level of medical documents. When healthcare institutes have access to the correct information, they can speed up the healthcare process and ensure good service to people.

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