q Benefits Legal eBooks Offer Attorneys and Their Team Members

Advantages Legal eBooks Offer Attorneys and Their Team Members

by | Published on Aug 31, 2017 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Legal eBooksIt is a known fact that lawyers deal with various documents and they have to refer to numerous books as part of their profession. Attorneys regularly access legal content from locations other than their offices such as their home, while commuting, or even when some material is required in the courtroom. You may think that attorneys may be using mostly eBooks for easy and efficient access and research. However, even with many major publishers offering electronic versions of legal books and reliable eBook conversion services helping with large-scale conversion of legal books and documents into quality eBooks that can be easily read on all portable and mobile devices, many lawyers and law firms are slow to adopt this new offering. It is estimated that around a third of lawyers at present use tablet computers, and Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and other law publishers have started offering more of their books as electronic books.

Lawyers Often Prefer the Traditional Model

So, lawyers are reluctant to give up using traditional books because that is how most of them learned to research law. Maybe like many other readers, they also like to have the feel of paper in their hands, which is a more fulfilling experience compared to browsing the electronic version of the book.

Some other legal professionals feel that the typical consumer eReaders are not ideal for reading or researching law. That’s a valid argument indeed. Attorneys have to take notes, organize information, switch between sections of texts, and also stay organized when switching between locations such as home, office, court, home and so on, and different types of devices.

eReader Technology Specifically for Legal Professionals

However, there is eReader technology customized for legal entities. These professional eReaders allow attorneys to enjoy an experience similar to that provided by traditional books. Here’s a range of things they can do:eBooks

  • Take notes in the text
  • Bookmark preferred sections
  • Highlight text using color coding
  • Access the eBooks even when there is no Internet connection available
  • Access the same eBooks on multiple devices
  • Effectively search for content by keyword or phrase
  • Link to other eBooks or other online content with just a click
  • Search and find content across multiple titles at the same time
  • Sync bookmarks, notes, and highlights from one device to another
  • Share content and collaborate with colleagues more effectively

eBook Conversion Services Can Help

As more and more legal information including court rules, desk books, manuals and summaries are going digital, eBook conversion services would help with converting more physical books into their electronic versions. This will make it convenient for lawyers and other related professionals to refer to the required law books easily. Especially in larger organizations that have multiple office locations in diverse cities, states or even countries, eBooks and preferably an eLibrary can ensure equal access to all that need to refer to the books. An eLibrary makes resource management more efficient and cost-effective and provide members in each location equal time-saving and flexibility advantages. eReader applications such as Thomas Reuters ProView built with legal professional research and workflow requirements in mind offer professional features in a user-friendly interface, enriching the reading and researching experience for lawyers.

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