7 Best Student Record Management Systems for Schools

by | Published on May 4, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

In our previous blog, we discussed how document scanning solutions and digitization help schools and other educational institutions manage their huge loads of student records. Many educational systems are relying on student record management systems to keep proper track of student data. With an advanced system, the school administration can store diverse digital records from all the departments on just a single platform. The system also simplifies the overall administrative processes and is equipped with a strong set of features such as – attendance tracking, library management, parent portal and more.

Take a look at 7 of the top student record management systems for schools and institutions.

  1. Fedenafedena

    This multipurpose student information management system aids in automating the school’s daily operations and providing insightful reports. It helps to track data, edit profile and manage alumni records. It simplifies the institute’s academic & administrative processes. This software handles every process smoothly, ranging from organizing parent-teacher meetings to online fees collection and examination management. This fully web-based school ERP software features 100+ excellent modules including grade book management, student lifecycle management, admission and attendance management, round-the-clock customer support and data security.

  2. Classe365classe365

    This advanced student management software works for any type of educational institution – schools, colleges or universities. This software combines SIS, LMS & CRM features to handle both administrative and learning activities, all on one simple and beautiful platform. Admission data, alumni records, certificates or any other data can be stored and updated here. Schools can streamline their admission processes with this fully integrated online admissions software and can also benefit from online admission forms that make it easy and convenient for prospective students to apply to the institution.

  3. Gradelink SISgradelink

    Gradelink makes school administration much easier. It comes with key features such as – automatic standards tracking, automatic grade monitoring that alerts parents or students, sports eligibility reporting and more. Even busy parents can get involved with features such as robust calendars, class web pages, school websites, group email, SMS/text and voice alerts, and automatic grade and attendance monitoring and more. Schools can also back up important data with this easy-to-use software, save time and improve enrollment.

  4. iGradePlusigradeplus

    This software offers management of school, staff, student information, attendance and behavior tracking, custom report generation, student/parent communication and grade management. User-friendly features, flexible interface, comprehensive feature set and security features such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), nightly backups to onsite and offsite servers, identity verification via email and automatic logout after account inactivity all make it a unique platform for school management. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents can benefit from this platform.

  5. feKarafekara

    This free school software has many modules to manage admission, attendance, examination, online class, finance, transport, library, timetable and more. Users can access it on any device – phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. To manage a school efficiently, the user just needs to sign up for a free account and start using it. It offers a wider range of features than any other private school management system software in the market.

  6. SchoolToolschooltool

    This student information management system allows students, families and staff to access information related to schedules, attendance, assignments and other details. With this software, everyone in the school gets configurable user profiles and a common school database system. The staff in every department such as administration or teaching can easily share information with each other. The platform is ideal to record and maintain all details related to students, including attendance, demographics, enrollment grades, and more.

  7. Almaalma

    This cloud-based student record management system is designed to meet every complex schedule online, create customized report cards, and encourage parent communication. This software’s modern design and intuitive interface provide clear insight into student performance, attendance, and more. It also features integrated communication tools that encourage interactions between faculty and students. Families can also stay informed and involved via built-in parent and student portals.

Schools can consider choosing the best student record management system that suits their requirement. For bulk document scanning and document conversion, it is best to partner with a professional document scanning service provider.

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