Businesses of any type may have to provide support and assistance to customers. Poor help desk service can spoil the relationship between the business and its customers and technical teams as well. When it comes to the IT sector, failing to quickly resolve technical issues can create costly business disruptions. Helpdesk outsourcing refers to the process of hiring a third party to provide technical support for the employees, or client support. Many businesses are choosing this outsourcing option, mainly to minimize their internal costs. Just like data entry outsourcing, outsourcing helpdesk operations provides diverse benefits for your company, including access to the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to improve inefficiencies.

According to a report from A2Z Market Research, the help desk outsourcing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.70% during the forecast period 2020-2026. Increasing interest people display in this industry is the major reason for the expansion of this market. Large, small and medium enterprises are enjoying benefits from this outsourcing option. Some of the key players in this market are Deutsche Telekom AG, CGI Group,, Wipro Limited, Qcom Outsourcing, Accenture, Maintech, Inc., Capgemini SE, Corporation Service Company (CSC), Attivasoft LLC, Computacenter plcAtos SE, HP Enterprise Services, Ciber Global, Tieto Oyj, HCL Technologies Limited, Kayako, IBM, and Getronics among others.

Why outsource your help desk? What are the benefits?

    1. Save money and time

      Running an in-house help desk support is quite expensive, as you have to allocate more money, hire experienced resources, spend more on infrastructure, systems, etc. Such expenses are often not affordable for all organizations, especially small businesses. By outsourcing the task to third-party vendors that can manage support for multiple organizations, you can also avoid expenses on training staff, technology and equipment. Reliable companies provide onshore, near shore and offshore helpdesk services including call flow support or even technical assistance to customers when making a purchase.


    1. Access to expert resources

      Providing helpdesk support along with attending to your core business projects could be tedious for your staff. So, consider leaving those operations to external experts. Professional help desk outsourcing companies provide the support of technically proficient, highly qualified, certified staff to design, create, and maintain helpdesk frameworks and processes. Technical assistance provided by expert agents can resolve issues easily, which satisfies end users – employees or customers. Experienced staff with good technical knowledge can quickly learn the technical details associated with a product/service, and handle difficult situations more efficiently than other staff. Outsourced help desk providers can even provide multi-language support at a lower cost.


    1. Improve business productivity

      By outsourcing your help desk requirements to experienced hands, you can focus on core business processes, management and competencies. As expert teams handle most of the routine or repetitive types of work, your in-house staff’s time will be spent on product development or process automation, which leads to a boost in business efficiency and productivity. With quick response, it takes only less time to resolve any key issues your employee or client has.


    1. Increase customer satisfaction

      Many companies use help desk outsourcing support such as call flow support, to better manage their clients’ needs and provide them the necessary technical support when they make enquiries into services, purchase any products online, or use the organization’s website. Reliable, consistent and quality help desk support can reduce repeat calls and keep your clients happy. As customers get their problems addressed immediately, this will increase their satisfaction and help you retain clients.


    1. Round-the-clock availability

      Professional outsourcing companies use many tools to resolve problems efficiently and they provide 24/7 support, which can improve response times, customer loyalty, and your organization’s reputation. Round-the-clock support ensures that end users in different time zones or those working off-peak hours receive the same rapid response when needed. Outsourcing companies will also be well-equipped to meet any urgent requests, thus providing your business with a competitive advantage.


  1. Companies still have control over the process

    Even when outsourcing the task, you can maintain control over the process. Professional outsourcing vendors will keep you updated with their staff’s performance and provide a detailed report on how their services help improve your help desk process efficiency. Their agents are well-trained and possess both technical and interpersonal skills to serve your employees or customers.

With the many advantages provided by outsourcing, most businesses now prefer outsourcing their help desk functions. By partnering with a reputable company providing outsourced solutions for help desk support, you’ll not only save money and time, but also receive the services of professionals who ensure on-time support for your employees or customers, thus delivering an optimal experience.