2021 New Year Resolution for a Paperless Office

by | Published on Jan 1, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Thinking of a good New Year resolution? Why not make your office more environment-friendly and reduce the office waste your company creates?

According to The World Counts, paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills and 50% of the waste of businesses are composed of paper. Paper production causes deforestation, leading to air pollution and waste problems. More and more organizations are now considering digital transformation in the boardroom and enjoying the benefits of streamlined document management and storage. Document conversion services can assist in transforming even bulk documents into the required format, making the data easy to access and store.

Let us discuss some easy-to-implement strategies for a much greener approach this year.

Digitize your Documents

Instead of storing paper files in a filing cabinet, it is safer to digitize your documents and store them in the cloud. Never print documents, unless it is really necessary. Digital documents reduce office storage space and provide easy access to data from any location – office, home or anywhere your team is. You can also secure data from any natural disasters. Document scanning companies can assist in digitizing papers, photos, drawings, maps, manuals and more into different formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF or PDF. Businesses can also consider requesting their partners to send any documents – contracts or invoices in digital format. This will help reduce the amount of paper in your office. You can also share documents, protecting their confidentiality.

Sort out Existing Stack of Documents

Begin with sifting through old paperwork and shred irrelevant ones. Encourage your staff to recycle paper waste and reduce paper usage. Send all documents digitally to your clients either through email or other secure mode, or using a file sharing app.

Consider Paperless Meetings

Try to avoid the traditional way of providing handouts at meetings. Instead, use projectors and other digital devices and visual technologies such as digital board rooms and cost-effective meeting software to present the matter and share information. Encourage your employees to actively participate in virtual meetings. Digital meeting materials can be easily provided to all participants, which allows them to review files with a single click.

Invest in Advanced Document Management Software

Consider organizing digital records to ensure compliance and optimize the workflow. Choose high-quality document management software that supports automation. Improved data management helps streamline your efforts for a paperless office while enhancing employee productivity on an individual level.

Electronic Signatures

E-signatures help avoid physical signatures. Businesses can also close their deals with clients and customers much faster and receive business-critical documents more quickly and safely. Consider investing in advanced electronic signature tools like SignEasy, Adobe Sign, Signable, DocuSign, or eversign to make document management easier.

Focus on Data Security

While considering digital options and cloud storage, focus on data security as well. Regular backup is important to ensure that your data will always be safe from any cyber-attacks or ransomware attacks. Also, consider sharing files and documents through a more secure document distribution platform.

Hope these tips help your firm stay prepared for the transition to a paperless environment. Make sure to partner with a professional document scanning company with years of experience in digitizing diverse documents.

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