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What Is Data Entry And What Are The Different Data Entry Services?

Capable of handling projects of any size and type.

Data entry involves entering data from various sources into a computer or any other electronic device using specific software. This is performed by expert data entry operators who have complete knowledge about data entry. Nowadays, companies are outsourcing data entry tasks to professional data entry companies to get better results. With a team of professionals having excellent typing skills, they can provide speedy and accurate services. They are also capable of handling projects of any size and type.

Data Entry Solution

The following are some of the data entry services provided by professional data entry companies.


Numeric Data Entry

Skilled data entry experts will accurately enter text and numeric data from a wide variety of sources like hard copies, soft copies, manuscripts, images, and audio and video files. Numeric data entry services also include adding of numbers wherever necessary. In fact, proper sequencing can give your database a professional look and help in easily gathering business insights.


Online Data Entry

This data entry service includes data entry work that is done online through portals or websites. The data entry work of the resource file that is in soft copy format or on any web portal is also included in online data entry.

Offline Data Entry

Data entry specialists capture and enter offline data in a format designated by the client. They accept input data from a variety of available sources that include hard copies, handwritten documents and scanned images. This data is entered into database programs, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents according to the clients’ requirements. They perform multiple quality checks to correct errors. The final versions of the files are saved in an editable format and data is delivered to the client. Data entered offline into computer software for the easy access of data with high accuracy helps you obtain your required data on time without much effort.

Legal Data Entry

This service involves entering data pertaining to many types of legal documents such as business agreements, property related documents, arbitration and litigation forms, power of attorney forms, purchase and sale deals, immigration work, insurance claim records, shipping documents and court forms into computer systems. Skilled data entry professionals perform manual data entry using advanced technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) for effective data capture and convert data into a wide range of digital formats.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

Data entry experts enter data from ADA insurance claim forms, dental insurance claim forms, disability insurance claim forms, hospitalization insurance claim forms, uniform Billing health insurance claim (UB) forms, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) forms, Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) forms, CMS 1500 insurance claim forms, dismemberment insurance claim forms and critical illness insurance claim forms into the computer.

Medical Data Entry

Data entry specialists gather information from important documents including medical bills, medical claims, hospital records, patients’ records, patients’ medical history, clinical records, medical transcriptions and others. They then enter specific data into the computer in order to manage these datasets properly.