Legal Document Processing Services

Processing legal documents is a very tedious task for busy law offices as it involves reading, analyzing and annotating volumes of information and evidence. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) offers efficient legal document processing services to help attorneys create and format all types of legal documents. We serve law firms, corporate law departments, and individual attorneys.

We can ensure accurate processing of various types of legal documents, whether Instruments (contracts, deeds, mortgages, power of attorney, and wills), Pleadings (complaints, cross-complaints, answers, and counterclaims), Immigration paperwork, Bankruptcy filings, Joint venture agreements or 501c (3) applications.

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Legal Document Processing Solutions We Provide

Along with performing high-end legal document creation and word-processing tasks, we provide document scanning services that are designed to convert legal documents on paper into the required digital format. Our document management solutions ensure that the electronic files are archived and easily and readily accessible.

We are well-equipped to handle large volume legal document processing tasks and safe delivery of your confidential documents.

Industry Leading Expertise

Legal documents are generally voluminous in size and contain several types of objects and formatting, and using applications properly is crucial. Knowing how to process a legal document requires advanced word processing skills as well as ingenuity.

Our resourceful team of skilled lawyers, IT professionals, and language specialists is experienced in helping lawyers conduct legal research, analyze digital images of memos, payroll and medical records, and other evidence, create a legal document using the correct typeface, margins and spacing, ensure capitalization, grammar, spelling, numbers and pagination. They also have a clear knowledge of legal terminologies, legal citations and procedure for generating tables of authority.

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We work with our clients to understand their requirements and provide customized document processing services for law firms that suit your specific documentation requirements.

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