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E-Brief Hyperlink Services

Hyper linking e-briefs allows immediate access to various referred materials in a legal document

Ebrief Hyperlink Services
Hyper linking e-briefs allows immediate access to various referred materials in a legal document, and enables hassle-free navigation within the document. E-brief hyperlink services provided at Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can save the time spent searching through entire PDF files in an e-filing platform or through boxes of paper for the relevant information. A hyperlinked document makes it easy for the user to access all the cited information in the main document, review and follow the argument in the documents.

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E-Brief Hyperlinking Solutions

Our team can create hyperlinks to all materials cited in the brief, including

Audio Clips
Video Testimony
Deposition transcripts
Previous briefs
3D Animations
Native Files
Our team is experienced in assisting legal clients with diverse litigation services including e-discovery, management of databases, and data extraction services.

They are familiar with PDF tools like Adobe Acrobat and other advanced software and technologies. They can replace pages or combine individual pages into a single PDF file. They also stay up to date with all rules of the specific court where you are filing, and make sure to meet all your requirements while adhering to applicable local rules for electronic documents.

The Hyperlinking Process

Our E-brief hyperlinking process involves:

Converting documents into electronic PDF format and making it text-searchable

Including bookmarks in all electronic documents and using descriptive labels for the bookmarks

Obtaining and deriving information about the linked documents and inserting that information into the e-briefs with the hyperlinks

Reporting any issues and sending a list of missing documents

Quality checking to ensure error-free e-brief

We strive to provide immediate and easy access to all the information cited within your legal documents.

What Makes MOS Unique?

Sound standard operating procedures (SOPs) and checklists

Advanced software and other technology

24×7 customer support

Faster turnaround time

Years of experience in legal processing

Skilled resources

Cost savings of 30 to 40%

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