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Document Indexing
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Accessing relevant data in any digital file requires proper indexing. Indexing the scanned documents is also crucial for any document imaging project. At Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), our document indexing services are designed to ensure quick and easy retrieval of information from your document management system. Indexing and archiving services at our document scanning company include categorizing any of your scattered data into a perfect database, which makes accessing and retrieving information a much easier task.

We have proven experience in providing document scanning and indexing services for a wide variety of industries including
Publishing (Authors, publishers)
Medical (Physician practices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities)
Legal (Attorneys, other legal professionals, law firms)
Archiving (Archival companies)
Education (Libraries, universities and other educational institutions)
Businesses (Corporate entities)

We index all types of documents – whether magazines, journals, instruction manuals, catalogs, business documents, and databases.

Our team is well trained to extract data such as keywords, document number, titles, invoice number, file name, document date, or any other field even from any complex document.

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Our Indexing Services Cover:

Scanned images are useful only when they are stored in a well-structured database and indexed for easy retrieval. With our solutions, you can find what you are looking for using different criteria such as invoice number, customer name, date field, document type and more. Our services include:


Barcode indexing


OCR document indexing (image to text conversion)


Full profile and text indexing


Keyword and Meta Data indexing


Invoice indexing


Legal document indexing


Indexing based on scientific notations

Clients can also benefit from document web hosting, data backup and duplication, PDF generation, CD-ROM cataloging and publishing, categorization and document conversion services.

We can also handle large batch document indexing!

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Increased operational efficiency

Competitive pricing with 30-40% cost savings

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