Catalog Conversion

Digitize your paper-based service and product listings! Organize your online store and improve efficiency with digital data!

Catalog refers to the list of products and catalog conversion is the process of arranging these products on your online store in the right format. A professional data entry company based in the U.S., Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides comprehensive catalog conversion services to ensure that your customers can shop at your online store any time and from anywhere.

As catalogs showcase your offerings in the online store, they are key tools for digital marketing as well. Online business stores need to be accommodated with digital catalogs that make the company’s services/ products more accessible for customers. Outsourcing this task can save you a great deal of effort and also ensure efficiency and cost savings.

Our professional team has years of experience in dealing with diverse eCommerce clients. They can place your products within the right category and sub-category, and ensure your product listing is aesthetically appealing.

We can assist you with your small, medium or large scale needs.

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eCommerce Catalog Conversion Services

We digitize your product catalog data and convert it into desired digital formats, such as –

Catalog Management Services

Our comprehensive catalog management services include:

Building and Indexing: Indexing is vital to make your online store look well-organized. Our efficient indexing services help prospective customers access your information with ease. Our catalog building and indexing services include the following.

Updating and maintenance: Based on the given details, we can update product prices, images and other details of the products in your catalog database, which provides easy accessibility and a great shopping experience for your online customers.

Processing: Our aesthetically appealing solutions make your products attractive to your targeted audience. Our team will process all the product images, categorize them, and update key details of the products. The processing services we offer include:

Content management: We provide efficient content management services on an ongoing basis, so you can concentrate on your core business activities. Leads can be generated through regularly updated content and information in e-commerce websites.

Our team is also experienced in converting catalogs of Magazines, E-books, Scholarly papers and E-research, E-journals, E-publishing, E-brochures and more.

Customized Catalog Conversion Process


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