Digital Transformation Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry in 2021

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A reliable business process outsourcing company, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has extensive experience in providing data entry services, document conversion services and so on, for a wide range of industries.

In today’s podcast, Julie Clements, Chief Solutions Managers at MOS, discusses top digital transformation trends in the pharmaceutical industry in 2021.

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Hello, my name is Julie Clements and I am the Chief Solutions Officer at Managed Outsource Solutions. Today, I wanted to talk about the Digital Transformation Trends that were seen in the Pharmaceutical Industry this year.

0.12 – Digital Transformation in Pharmaceutical Companies – Introduction

Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists working in the healthcare sector handle huge volumes of data that is critical to make informed decisions to improve the quality of care. This data can be converted into digital format with the help of data entry services and with tools like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. This data can be used for deriving meaningful insights that help in the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Digital transformation in pharmaceutical companies helps in increased responsiveness to the patient and improved production processes, and accelerates innovations in developing new drugs.

0.49 – Top Digital Transformation Trends Amidst COVID-19

The world is still fighting the pandemic and pharmaceutical companies are looking for new ways to cater to the individual needs of the patients, provide remarkable gains to the stakeholders and also keep up with latest trends and sustain in the ever-changing environment. Following are some of the latest digital transformation trends expected in pharmaceutical companies for the coming year, 2021.

1.11 – Use of Artificial Intelligence –

The first would be the use of Artificial Intelligence – AI helps industries improve their efficiency and it has its applications and assists in development and problem-solving skills.

1.23 – Increased need for Quick Drug Discovery is another one.

1:26 – The third would be Technological Advancements in the Supply Chains

1:30 – Fourth is Digitization and Automation

1:32 – And fifth would be the Connected Virtual Monitoring in Patients

1:36 – Digital Transformation in Eli Lilly and Company:

For example, they are a pharmaceutical company that have implemented advance technology in pharmaceutical manufacturing. They help to reduce ergonomic risks through robotics lifting boxes, and ensure quality through real-time analytics rather than after-the-fact testing. These technologies also drive cost efficiencies. Whenever a project comes, they review it and look for new capabilities. They use natural language processing to find patterns in complaints, applying data models to predict process failures, and using artificial intelligence techniques to identify and fix errors in the supply chain data.

2:14 – Conclusion

Many pharmaceutical companies are now realizing the importance of digital transformation and digitizing their records with the help of a document scanning company. It allows healthcare organizations to speed up their daily operations, and with utmost accuracy and within the time period, and also helps the employees to focus more on their core activities.

To learn more about this and some of the trends in the pharmaceutical industry with the digital transformation trends, you can visit our website at

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