In every organization, a lot of official and unofficial paper work is handled on a daily basis. If some minute information or data gets misplaced, it may affect the working of the entire firm. In this scenario, a data conversion service plays a key role. They collect information from different formats such as emails, business documents, images and PDF documents, and give a structured format. For this purpose, they rely upon an effective technology called Intelligent Data Processing (IDP). It helps to convert unorganized data into searchable format. As it is a tedious process, many companies choose data conversion outsourcing over in-house processing of data, as it helps their employees to concentrate more on their core tasks. IDP makes use of several tools ranging from traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to AI (Artificial Intelligence) for arranging data.

The infographic given below can give you an insight about IDP, its workflow, and benefits.

Intelligent Document Processing