It is critical for healthcare providers to keep their critical patient data safe and secure. If your patient medical records still in paper format, it’s time to secure them by goingdigital. Converting paper-based patient records into electronic format is also crucial to improve access and manage them better. Digitized patient records help physicians provide better patient care, minimize patient risks, develop personalized care plans and ensure quality data for incentive payments.However, converting and storing patient records requires proper management of medical records to ensure quality and consistency, along with strict compliance to HIPAA.

Digitization involves scanning paper medical records – which can be either done in-house or outsourced to a document scanning service provider – and then uploading the relevant information into the EMR system. If you have huge volumes of patient medical records to digitize, consider outsourcing the task to an experienced document scanning company. These companies have the required technology and other resources to simplify the process and ensure quality solutions in quick turnaround time.

Check out the infographic below:

Digitization of Patient Medical Records

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