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OCR Cleanup

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the most cost-effective and speedy technique available for document-input tasks. However, textual and scanning considerations affect the accuracy of optical character recognition. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides OCR cleanup services to correct the output, a process which involves converting the scanned document into a correct ASCII or Unicode version of the document.

Many enterprises need the OCR process which transforms printed texts into ASCII or Unicode electronic files so that the digitized text can be searched, indexed and retrieved. As this is a mechanized process, errors are likely to occur. Our company has an expert team that provides manual OCR cleanup services to rectify the errors that occur during the process to produce the most accurate information.

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Cleanup Process

Healthcare and legal applications, banking forms, survey forms, insurance forms, books, magazines and directories have high OCR accuracy requirements. At MOS, we have a dedicated team to make corrections in the scanned output. Our team rekeys or manually retypes the original document. The process involves the following steps

  • Comparing the original documents with those from the scanned files
  • Manually correcting and replacing every misread character and word
  • Utilizing spell check and intelligent searches
  • Saving the corrected document in the client required format

In addition to the text, corrections are made in footnotes, tables, graphs, and other technical data. Our extensive expertise and innovative methods in optical character recognition cleanup allow us to provide accurate output.

Benefits of Partnering with MOS

  • Dedicated team on your project
  • Latest technology and techniques
  • OCR cleanup and conversion various text formats
  • Large volume cleanup in short turnaround time
  • Services priced 30-40% lower than current market rates
  • Highest level of accuracy

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