Why Are EBooks Better than Paper Books?

by | Published on Mar 6, 2019 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services


Electronic books (eBooks) are book publications available in digital format. These books include text, images or both and can be read on dedicated e-reader devices as well as on any computer device that features a controllable viewing screen including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. E-books provide various advantages compared to traditional books including an enhanced reading experience, ease of portability and reduced storage space. A reliable document conversion company can convert any book or document into eBooks that can be read on the popular e-Readers available in the market including Amazon Kindle and Fire, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, laptops, Sony Reader, Kobo Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook.

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E-books Statistics

Statista, the Statistics Portal reported that 20 percent of book readers in the U.S. read more e-books than hard copy books. In 2018, about 26 percent of American book readers said they had read an e-book in the last year. In fact, print books were still arguably the more popular format among U.S. readers.

EBooks have some distinct benefits and offer versatility which physical books may not be able to offer. Print books aren’t going away anytime soon, but there are several situations in which eBooks offer an advantage over traditional print books.

  • EBooks eliminate the need to leave the house to buy new books or borrow them from a local library – You can buy eBooks directly from a digital bookstore and download them instantly to your device. Nowadays, libraries offer digital eBook lending, which enables readers to instantly download library books for free to their eReader without the need to visit the library. Moreover, eBooks allow readers to acquire an entire library of new books on their eReader, while still lounging on their couch.
  • EBooks are portable – Physical books, especially hardbound editions, are very heavy. Most modern eReader devices are designed to be lightweight. It is very easy to carry an eReader containing an entire library of books on an airplane or on the train than to carry a physical book or two. Once you have finished reading a book while traveling, it is much easier to obtain a new eBook than to find a place to buy new books. If your digital eBook collection is synced to a cloud service, then it is possible to read your eBooks on your phone any time from any location.
  • No late fees for library eBooks – A late fee will be charged if you borrow a physical book from the library and forget to return it. Nowadays, many libraries offer eBook loans in addition to their print book offerings. So, if you borrow a digital library book and forget to return it by its due date, its license will expire on your device and no late fee is involved. In addition, eReaders make accessing library materials easier than ever.
  • eReaders have built-in dictionaries – Modern eReaders have built-in dictionaries that allow you to look up words by tapping on the word that you probably don’t know. The dictionary definition will appear right on the screen. It is very useful for younger readers, foreign language students, and adult native speakers However, while reading a print book, if you come across a word that you don’t know, you either have to find a physical dictionary or pull up your phone or tablet to look up the word. In most cases, you don’t bother about it and are just left wondering what the word exactly means.
  • Takes Up Much Less Space – Dedicated readers are likely to collect a lot of books, which in turn can take up too much space and make your home feel cluttered. However, eBooks will not take up much physical space in your home. In addition, you can fit literally thousands of books on your computer and it is also easier to manage a large digital collection of books than bookshelves filled with hundreds or thousands of books.

Document scanning companies providing eBook conversion services are much sought after by book publishing companies because of the increase in demand for eBooks. Most popular service providers provide the conversion service at affordable rates for publishing houses as well as individuals looking to publish their works.

  • Possible to customize font size and style in eBooks – EBooks allow you to change the font size or even the font style. It is possible to adjust the font size in any eBook to be readable to you. In addition, you can customize the appearance of the text to suit your needs. This can really speed up the reading process. Providing space between lines and adjusting font size is useful for people with bad vision. Moreover, choosing a more readable font is going to make things more pleasant.
  • Can be easily updated and upgraded – Today, information changes rapidly. Books on many subjects can become outdated very quickly. However, eBooks can be easily and quickly kept up to date.
  • More Environmentally Friendly than Print Books – EReaders take fewer resources to create than a modest number of books. In fact, manufacturing one Kindle produces as much CO2 as producing 30 print books. Even though paper can be recycled, the paper recycling process itself can cause excess environmental pollution because of the sludge that is produced during the de-inking process.
  • Possible to read in the dark – As eReaders are backlit, there is no need to have an external light source to read eBooks. It is possible to read eBooks in the dark or in low-light situations anywhere. Once your eReader is fully charged, you can read the your book in bed during power outages, or outside in the evening without needing an external book light.

The following are the reasons why it is considered that ebooks are better than print books. Partnering with document conversion companies offering ebooks conversion services helps convert your print books to e-books.

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