What is a Virtual Assistant Service?

by | Published on Apr 8, 2016 | Business Process Outsourcing

Virtual Assistant ServiceMore and more businesses are hiring virtual employees. A virtual assistance service provides you with the professional support you need via the Internet. You get skilled workers who work remotely to help you manage tedious and time-consuming tasks as well as specialized tasks. The major advantage of this arrangement is that you don’t need to hire full-time workers in your office to perform these jobs, which saves space, money, and recruitment hassles.

A virtual staffing company can help you hire remote workers with almost any type of skill set – from things as basic as managing emails, making travel arrangments and data entry to more specialized tasks such as website design, online research and social media management. Here are some of the key areas in which these remote workers are making their presence felt.

  • Transcription: Legal and business transcripts are efficiently transcribed in customized turnaround time.
  • Data management: This includes data entry into a database, data processing, compiling data into spreadsheets, and data cleansing and mining. You can fax or scan business cards to them and your virtual assistants will enter them into the database.
  • Document indexing and archiving: full profile and text indexing, legal document coding for easy retrieval, etc.
  • Forms processing: Information is efficiently extracted using advanced technology from different types of forms such as medical claim forms, patient records, survey forms, legal forms, insurance claims, and more, and the forms are processed in the desired electronic format.
  • Web design and SEO: You company can hire virtual employees who specialize in web design and search engine optimization services, including social networking.
  • Digital photo editing: Virtual staffing companies provide digital photo editing services using the latest techniques. They can enhance the appearance of old or damaged photographs, and restore their original appearance.
  • Litigation support: Lawyers can hire virtual assistants for tasks such as legal transcription, legal research, preparation of presentations, etc.

Virtual employee assistance is available for most administrative tasks that are similar to those performed by an executive assistant or secretary. Virtual assistants save you money as you pay only for the work done. They also save you time since you don’t have to spend time hiring an employee or training new staff. Regardless of where you are located, an established virtual staffing company that has experience and a good track record of providing services related to your industry can provide you with efficient and dedicated virtual employees to handle the tasks you assign to them.

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