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What Are the Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Data Entry?


E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. In fact, effective Product Information Management (PIM) is necessary to give a boost to your e-commerce company and ensure that it stays ahead in the market. Product data entry is one of the major aspects of any e-commerce business. It should be highly accurate so that the customer is convinced enough to buy the product. A professional data entry company can complete data entry for a large number of products within a short turnaround time.  When doing this task in-house, there are possibilities that certain mistakes can happen if you don’t have professional data entry personnel in your team. What are these possible errors?

What Are the Mistakes to Avoid in Ecommerce Data Entry?

  • Failing to understand the importance of data -Writing good product descriptions is crucial for search engine optimization and maximum visibility online. It is necessary to create original content without even the slightest traces of plagiarism. However, this is really a difficult task and rather expensive as well. To create apt product descriptions, you must research the product details of your competitors and finalize a different and more effective strategy to list your products. Therefore, you should give adequate training  to your employees. This will help them understand the value of data and instructions regarding how the data is to be entered according to the online store strategy. They should also understand the negative consequences of inaccurate entries and how that can hinder the growth of the business.
  • Inadequate Product Images – When doing online shopping, a consumer can understand the nature of the product they are going to purchase only by looking at the images that are being displayed on the web. Therefore, images should serve as references to help users know whether the product suits their requirements or not.  For that, you have to do the following:
  • Image of the product should be shot from more than one angle.  This will help ensure a better and detailed view for the customer.
  • If a product has more than one color, you must include the images of all these colors or have an option to change the colors of the product image as the customer selects a different color from product options.
  • Your main product image should have a clearer, white background.

Expert graphic or web designers at an experienced data entry company can create clearer and whiter background for your main product image.

  • Inadequate Product Descriptions – You should always create unique content for your website. Search engines value fresh and unique content.   If you copy the product descriptions from the parent website, then that can make you a victim of non-unique plagiarized content.  If you are inspired by the content provided in the parent website, then try to make some amendments to it such as features, specifications, tables and include options information in description, SKU, warranty etc.
  • Weak inventory management – Inventory management is one of the most essential parts of an ecommerce business. There should be proper methods for measuring performance, and it is necessary to hire skilled and trained people to manage the inventory. For better inventory management, use the following techniques:
  • Appoint qualified ecommerce employees to manage inventory
  • Hire exclusive product inventory management staff
  • Provide proper training to inventory management staff

If hiring qualified ecommerce employees is too expensive, then consider outsourcing this task to a reliable BPO service provider, which is a more affordable option.

  • Communication gaps or inefficiencies – This can adversely affect your business. The Project Manager and Team Leader should be well connected. Team leaders should describe what the employees should list with respect to layout navigation, attributes, options, tags, collection, etc. The assigned team should be given proper training to provide proper assistance to the customers.
  • Work pressure on the team – There should not be any pressure on the team to achieve unrealistic targets. Over burdening could cause employees to become exhausted, this in turn leads to more mistakes. If there is more work, then it should be delegated uniformly among the people assigned to work on it. Most of the online retailers want to know how many products can be completed within 1 hour or 1 day. They want to know whether it is possible to complete 5000 or 10000 products within a month. However, this hurriedness will affect the quality and accuracy of the product data of your online store. This can even cause irreversible damage to your online store.
  • Expenses that are difficult to control – More errors incur more costs. It is very expensive to spend money on extracting software and tools. Therefore, there should be proper plans to effectively manage the expenses.

Instead of doing it in-house, outsource product data entry tasks to professional data entry companies. Reliable product data entry service providers will provide robust support to your eCommerce business with their product data entry and bulk product data upload services. With their cost-effective services, your eCommerce store will be able to display the most up-to-date, unique and relevant information for all products. This will help create a positive impression in the minds of shoppers and persuade them to proceed to checkout. Some of the product data entry services offered by such companies include writing product descriptions, product data upload, entering product features and description, adding images for products, organizing products according to categories and subcategories, adding product pricing, adding new products, deleting old products, updating product information and much more. By outsourcing data entry tasks, you can save money and valuable office space. It will also allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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