Reinventing the New Work Culture to Improve Productivity

by | Published on Apr 16, 2021 | Data Entry Services

With advancements in technology, there has been a significant change in all industries. It is transforming the way industries are serving their customers and the market in which they compete. Data collection is vital to improve business processes and companies look forward to automate their data processing utilizing data entry services. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Robotic Automation Process (RPA) are the new age of automation that can outperform humans in various ways. But machines do not achieve the required accuracy without significant effort from humans. However, advanced technologies help to minimize the burden of spending hours in front of the computer entering data manually and it also helps to save time.

Automation and the New Work Culture

With automation and the use of AI, workers can easily gather data and analyze it to make informed decisions. It usually takes around one or two or even more years for an employee to become fully productive. But in this fast-paced world no one can afford to waste time just to train the employee. With the right technology, such monotonous tasks can be carried out easily without wasting time. It helps to minimize the time taken to train each employee. Employees need not spend time inputting data into a computer or scanning various documents, instead they can focus on other productive tasks. Automation helps to focus on tasks that you have set on it and there is no concern of being distracted by personal errands or any other disruptions.

Readjusting to the New Normal

The use of advanced technologies has also brought changes in the work culture of several organizations. Whether it is a hybrid, fully remote or traditional workplace, ensuring complete satisfaction of the employees is important as they have to totally change the work model that they were familiar with for several years.

The cultural shift is one of the main challenges that businesses face when embracing new and advanced technology, especially if a portion of your workforce is working in person and another portion is working remotely. If everyone is on the same boat, it becomes easier to communicate. But with remote workers, employers are investing their time and budget into making videos in order to keep the work culture intact.

Another challenge in this new work culture is the integration of advanced technology into the new normal. According to Marie Atrim, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Enterprise Holdings, any technology partner should be treated as partner, rather than a vendor. This enables the business and the partner to understand better and have collaborative and open conversations.

As mentioned earlier, the new work model pose some challenges and high turnover is the most common one. Therefore, it is important to be flexible because whenever the organization goes through a crisis, the work model needs to be revised. For employees to embrace a new work model takes time. However, frequently communicating with the employees, being more active, sharing of potential career path and ensuring a comfortable work culture is necessary.

According to Joe Essenfeld, Vice President of Strategy at iCIMS, a solution to high turnover is not hiring more employees beyond geographic barriers because this leads to rising competition in the hiring market and employers have to be adaptable and help their people be resilient.

Technology should be used to help support people and business processes. Technology can bring transparency in business and ensure consistency in communication, which leads to improved efficiency. So, integration of technology is essential to create a seamless experience to access all vital data and make the right decisions.

Data and Productivity

Big data, IoT and other advanced technologies help businesses grow. Similarly, motivation and job satisfaction are also important to improve the productivity of the employees. Collecting and managing big chunks of data helps the company in giving insights on working smarter and easier. It also improves teamwork and elevates the worker’s worth by being able to analyze and support each system using IoT technology and big data. So, automation and optimization of processes improve workers’ productivity; by using all resources in full capacity the best results are achieved.

Businesses are greatly dependent on various data and advanced technology that serves as a solution to manage and retrieve information efficiently. Similarly, outsourcing data entry also significantly helps in reducing the need for human involvement and produce optimum results.

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