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by | Published on Nov 3, 2021 | Data Entry Services

To keep up with the sheer pace of digital change, businesses are on the road to digital transformation. Converting paper documents into digital format is not a new trend. Businesses have now realized that conversion of data enables them to scan, store and access vital data, and also ensure its safety. Business organizations deal with several financial data sets or manage numerical information, and make necessary edits to keep all business records up to date. These data are raw and mostly comes in paper-based format which is scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and produced in PDF format. These data needs to be converted into Excel format that allows users to convert data into tables and graphs. This makes business analysis, strategic analysis, performance reporting etc. easier and more efficient. If you are a business owner with bulk document conversion requirements, you can rely on an excel data entry company to convert data that is in OCR format to Excel form.

OCR is one of the most basic applications that captures data from each document and exports it into Excel spreadsheet. Excel is an essential Microsoft software tool that has many useful features that help to create tables, graphs, pie charts, calculations etc. that makes analysis of data easier. There are many different types of software available in the market to convert data in OCR format to excel. These software applications can convert table data to individual spreadsheets.

OCR PDF files can be easily converted into Excel format using a PDF to Excel converter, in the following steps:

    • Upload a PDF to the converter from your computer or a cloud


    • The conversion will start automatically


    • Wait for the conversion to finish


  • Download the converted Excel spreadsheet

There are many software programs available for converting OCR PDF to Excel format. Highly advanced software comes with many useful and advanced features such as:

    • Simple and instinctive user interface


    • Comprehensive and versatile


    • Supports multiple languages


    • Empowered with the options to convert to OCR specific pages or even page ranges from a PDF file in the instance it is not necessary to OCR the whole document.


    • Extracts data from top quality OCR PDF files to Excel, retaining the layout and formatting.


    • Enables to extract data from PDF files that have multiple column layouts, non-standard fonts, poor color and low-quality images into Excel format with accuracy.


    • Helps to extract data from both text and tables into Excel format, maintaining their format.


    • Converts non-searchable OCR PDF file into searchable Excel file format.


    • Flexible and provides precise control


  • Ensures utmost accuracy, layout and structure.

Advantages of Hiring Data Conversion Services

The following are some of the benefits of hiring reliable data conversion services to convert any files into the desired format:

    • Converts data in organized format: Looking for images through an unstructured file is a tedious task and businesses do not have that much time to waste. These services not only help to convert any format file into Excel, but are also useful for searching images. They help with converting images into Excel format, and converting unorganized data into organized manner.


    • Easy-to-manage files: Converting numerous OCR PDF files into Excel is not an easy task. It takes too much time and effort, and is prone to errors too. But these conversion services have qualified data entry professionals who help with conversion of files and they make the process of data conversion and processing easier and simpler.


    • Ensures utmost accuracy: In excel files it is easy to co-relate, verify and get complete data. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the data in Excel spreadsheets are accurate and error free. Accurate data in excel format helps to convert data into structured format in a systematic manner. These services have professional data entry specialists who help to cross check and ensure that the data are accurate.


  • Time effective: Converting OCR PDF files into Excel format is a time-consuming task because the files vary in clarity and complexity. But businesses can rely on these services to manually enter the data into Excel without making any errors. They have professionals who ensure excellent quality check of data in Excel spreadsheets.

Business enterprises that are looking to convert their files into Excel format can rely on our excel data entry company. We maintain consistent quality throughout the process of converting data, and remove all data that are irrelevant or incorrect. We ensure accuracy and provide excellent services at affordable rates.

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