Microfilm and MicroficheIn today’s fast paced digital world, microfilms and microfiche are considered a legacy technology that is not frequently accessed. Poor storage of microfilms and microfiche can cause deterioration and loss of data on these storage mediums. This has led to the increased need for document scanning. Large quantities of vital business and government data still rests on microfilm and deterioration of these records can lead to loss of valuable information. The safest way to avoid problems associated with microfilm and microfiche preservation is to utilize data conversion services for converting all microfilm and microfiche records into digital format for easy storage and quick retrieval.

In the 80s and 90s, microfilm and microfiche were considered as the ultimate storage method. Libraries, councils, museums etc used to archive vital historical documents but gradually with the development of technology many other devices were invented that are much more advanced than microfilm and microfiche.

Here are the advantages of digitizing microfilm and microfiche.

  • Less cost: Microfilm and microfiche are expensive because it takes additional equipment to view them and you may also incur huge costs for storing microfilm and microfiche. But by digitizing, large files can be stored in electronic storage mediums at a lesser cost.
  • Better file access: Microfiche and microfilm files can be digitized and stored. These digital files can also be published online so that more number of people can have access to the information.
  • Less storage space: Large volumes of microfiche and microfilm require considerable storage space but by digitization, this storage space can be reduced and a backup maintained for easy recovery.
  • Saves time: When files are stored as hard copy, it is time consuming to find a document you want. This can affect overall efficiency. But with indexed digitized files, you can find the document you want quickly with a simple text search. You can complete your tasks fast and stay productive.
  • Ensures security for the files: Digital files can be encrypted and password protected to make sure that the information is accessible only to authorized personnel.

For optimal microfilm and microfiche scanning, it is best to utilize data conversion services. A professional document scanning company would use high-end scanners to provide optimum quality for the digitized images. In addition, they would offer secure cloud storage service as well, if you prefer. This will help to ensure properly organized documents, easy retrieval, and maximum security for your information.